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Warloghe is Black Metal Band From Finland Formed At year 1995 in Jyväskylä. Lyrics Contains Satanism and Death Worship. Of the many Finnish raw black metal bands, Warloghe might be the one that has the strongest Black Legions vibe in their music. The band’s name means “oathbreaker”, as in breaking the oath with god.

Warloghe - Waaslandia
(from the EP 'Unlighted' Daimonion Productions 1997)

Glaurung (Eorl Torht Tyrannus) - Guitar, Vocals (Utgard)
T. L.(Leppänen) - Drums (Helwetti)
(past members)
Morath Worlock - Drums
Nazgul (Lauri Penttilä) - Bass (Blasphemous Evil, Blutrache (Fin),Horna, Incriminated, Kyprian's Circle, Mental Terror, Pest (Fin), Shatargat, Skullkrusher (Fin), The True Werwolf, Vomitfago, Krieg, Armour (Fin), Satanic Warmaster, Satanael)
(live session members)
Stormcrown - Bass (1998) (Helwetti)
Desecrator - Bass, Vocals (1998, 2005) (Helwetti)
Cornelius Mikael Waldner - Bass (1998) (Sagittarius (Deu), Hailstorm (Deu), Fahl)

Warloghe - Once More Against The Light (For Satan)
(from the album 'The First Possession' Drakkar Productions 1999)

The Black Tower Demo, 1996
Unlighted EP, 1997
Desecration Rehearsal Demo, 1997
Impurity Rehearsal Demo, 1997
The First Possession Full-length, 1999
Black Metal Endsieg I Split, 2001
Womb of Pestilence Full-length, 2003

Warloghe - Opened and Tainted Graves
(from the album 'Womb of Pestilence' Illuminating Void Productions 2003)

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Warloghe - Nightly Storms
(from the demo 'The Black Tower' self released 1996)