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Sacrilegious Impalement interview


KMC: Sacrilegious Impalement was formed in 2006. How did it all begin? Who started the band?

Impaler Von Bastard: The first formation of the band inhaled in the end of 2005. How did it begin.. Well, there wasn´t any fullmoon, I didn´t see any trolls sneaking in the shadows or didn´t hear any howling.. There was just an urge to do this, how lame is that! I, Impaler Von Bastard am responsible for starting this heresy.

KMC: Was it obvious to start to play Black Metal?

Hellwind Inferion: First of all, I really had to think the seriousness of this question of yours (in this case it might be a result from deficiency of the definition). Second of all, I find it to be a quite irrelevant question as the form of the music isn't the key here. It is one's truth behind it.

Von Bastard: Yes, who chooses who?

KMC: Ironic question, i know. But couldn't keep it away from this interview.

KMC: Was there any influences in the beginning (bands, artists, movies etc.)?

Von Bastard: To start a band by a certain influence, no. There is a bigger, inner need to do all of this.

KMC: Where was the first Sacrilegious Impalement show held? Any memories?

Von Bastard: It was in our hometown, Lahti. We played with Evil Angel & Exordium. Great show, a couple of hundred people showed up to witness the evening. We were supposed to play our first show in London at that time with G.O.T.H., but they cancelled..


KMC: Where does the name Sacrilegious Impalement come from (what it means in your own words)?

Hellwind: I didn't take any part in naming the band in the past, but to me it strongly reflects the image of godhood, one's truth, my truth, and how to consciously impale your way closer to it, throughout cycles, time and universe. At the same time sacrilegiously penetrating all that is vein and falsely divine.

Von Bastard: That´s pretty good description. Most will ever see those words only in a hostile way, as an aggressive act, like nails or spear on the crucifix, an act in a fame of Vlad Ţepeş or raping Virgin Mary, which is only part of the truth. You should know that there´s many forms of impaling. But yes, there is no denying that there´s a brutal side in us too beside the earlier mentions Hellwind brought up.

Sacrilegious Impalement - March of Doom
(taken from 'Cultus Nex' Hammer of Hate 2009)

KMC: Where does Sacrilegious Impalement found it source to inspiration?

Von Bastard: From everywhere! I keep my channels open.

Hellwind: For me there is only one true source which is neverending: oneself.

KMC: What kind of live act is Sacrilegious Impalement?

Von Bastard: Savage, malevolent, a vortex from Hell !

Hellwind: A vortex from hell, indeed. It's also about movements within, passionate attacks and streaming devotion all in their glory. It's nearly indescribable in a level of already restricted human motions, it really goes beyond. A vortex from hell, as mentioned above, and a portal absorbing you back there. You're always welcomed to enter the night.

KMC: You replaced Marduk in this years Firebox Metal Fest (Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki, Finland). A challenging act to replace. How did the show go? Were you nervous to be the replacement act for Marduk?

Von Bastard: Nervous? No. I saw it as a great challenge & experiment for us. I think we managed to pull a great show, and most of the feedback have been only positive. Of course there was some retarded people who thought it was because of us that Marduk couldn´t make it there. On stage we suffered some technical difficulties, but you know, shit happens! Overall, a great night.


KMC: Your first release 'Total Annihilation' demo came out in 2006 on CD-r and Casette. Casette version was released by Kaos Propaganda Productions, a label run by your former vocalist Kaosbringer, who left band on june 2010. Was this release musically the right beginning for Sacrilegious Impalement, i mean, how do you feel when you listen the demo today?

Von Bastard: Cassette version was done & financied by the band all the way, it was just released out under the name KPP. I haven´t listened to it for a long time, so no opinion. But I am proud of it.

KMC: Your second release was an EP, released by Enucleation Records in 2007. Label responsible for releasing releases from Coffins, Runemagick, Total Fucking Destruction etc. How did you get involved with Enucleation Records?

Von Bastard: Well, actually it was originally released by a french label Blasphemous Underground Productions. Enucleation Records took a lisence of it for the N.America. The label boss, Greg, contacted us for the matter. Nothing mystic about it.

Sacrilegious Impalement - Infinite Darkness
(from the EP 'Sacrilegious Impalement' Blasphemous Underground
Productions 2007 )

KMC: I noticed a couple of reviews where the writer compared the songs from the EP to acts like Mayhem (De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas area) and old Darkthrone. What's your thoughts about that?

Von Bastard: We have been compared to a tons of bands, like Bolt Thrower, Master's Hammer, Glorior Belli, Dissection, Watain, Black Sabbath, Urn & what else. I don´t necessary see it , but I also don´t always see what the fuck people are thinking anyways. I quess it´s cool, as the versatile of the list of the bands we´ve been compared also reflects how versatile Sacrilegious Impalement is. Do I care? No, it doesn´t affect on what we are doing.

Hellwind: Nothing wrong in comparing things amongst themselves. I mean, these kind of issues are all about opinions and images of one and another, right? Say, we sound like Popeda(!), It doesn't move me.

KMC: 'World in Ashes' was released through Blasphemous Underground Productions in 2008. It was a two song release, released as seven inch. How did you end up doing a two song seven inch insted of recording another EP?

Von Bastard: We were preparing for the full-length at that time and those songs just didn´t fit for the album. I mean those were good enough to be on the album, but they were not in the line with the other songs. Our choises were to ignore those songs or to record them. If we wouldn´t have recorded those songs back then, I strongly doubt that we´d ever record them. I like to focus on the new, more relevant material than hang on the old. We still got some old songs we haven´t recorded, and I think we´ll ever will. It´s not about forgetting your past or anything, but we really are more interested about pushing our selves forward.

Hellwind: Exactly. In other words, we do not let the sands of past times get in our todays bowls of pabulum.

Sacrilegious Impalement - World In Ashes
(taken from 'World in Ashes' Blasphemous Underground Productions 2008)

KMC: 'Cultus Nex' was released by Hammer of Hate in 2009. I truly think it's one of the best BM albums made that year (no ass kissing, honest truth). Could you tell me something about the recording sessions? Was it easy? Painful? Hard?

Von Bastard: Thanks. It was an exhausting experience. It´s no secret that when everyone knows what they are doing things usually go well.

Hellwind: Thank you for your honesty. As Von Bastard said, it really was an exhausting experience, both mentally and physically, but at the same time chastening too. For example, I learnt to use an axe for different functions - besides chopping woods and bones, of course.

KMC: What does 'Cultus Nex' mean?

Von Bastard: Honouring for one of the most ultimate.

Hellwind: The Great Finale.

Sacrilegious Impalement - Untitled (bonus track)
(taken from ' Cultus Nex' Hammer of Hate 2009)

KMC: Molestor Kadotus did the artwork for the 'Cultus Nex'. I haven't seen the CD version, because i own my version as LP and i really like the art in it. Was the cover art your vision or was it all Molesters vision?

Von Bastard: Fuck, check the booklet out again, what does it say there?

KMC: ...true. Fuck, i should wear my eyeglasses more often.

Von Bastard: Molestor was in charge for the vinyl layout only. Could have done it by myself too, but becouse of lack of time I handed it over to Molestor Kadotus. He did it with a great effort, I´m really pleased about the result. Thanks anyway, glad you like it. Took a whole lot of work.

KMC: How did you end up in Hammer of Hate?

Von Bastard: We had a deal for the full-lenght with BUP too. But the label fukked it up and just run away from the deal. Shows their real dedication towards the business & partners.

Hellwind: Today's rats are more and more resilient with their putrid mouths blabbering filthy nonsense. Not to mention the Internet, with all its forums and channels, which plays very often a powerful tool for transmitting the disease of these ratfinks.)

Von Bastard: I´m truly happy that the label deseaced. Ink in the contract papers doesn´t mean anything for some people. Why be something you´re not? Anyway, we were forced to look for a new label and soon we got offers from labels I´m not going to list here, but many from Europe & couple from U.S.A. Hammer of Hate was the choise of ours.

KMC: Has the label serve you well?

Von Bastard: Yes.

Hellwind: Yes. It's almost impossible for me to point out more trustworthy human being here on Earth than what Molestor Kadotus is. A highly devoted brother of mine.


Promo Demo, 2006
Sacrilegious Impalement EP, 2007
World in Ashes EP, 2008
Cultus Nex Full-length, 2009


Hellwind Inferion - Vocals
Von Bastard - Guitar
Revenant - Drums
Tooloud - Bass

(past members)
Asassin - Drums
Kaosbringer - Vocals

KMC: As mentioned earlier, Kaosbringer left the band this year. What happened?

Von Bastard: Where from have you heard he´d left the band? I haven´t been told.. The truth is that he was left out from the band, but that´s not a public matter in any way though. I think that time only told that he´s path was not in this band.

KMC: Are you still in contact, friends?

Von Bastard: Yes.

KMC: Hellwind (formely also drums) took the vocalist place and you have a new drummer called Revenant. How is this all working now? Do you feel that this is the line up that will last to the end?

Von Bastard: This is the best line-up by any meters S.I. has ever had, period. The energy this line-up summons is just from beyond. Revenant is a fucking butcher and the flame what Hellwind posses is taking us to a new level. The devotion what glows from everyone is something that can not get wasted. I think this line-up is going to do some serious damage.

Hellwind: A very apposite depiction there, Von Bastard. I really want to see this wholeness to last through cycles. The current line-up we have is truly an armed combat unit with no weak spots.

Sacrilegious Impalement - Eternal Agonies
(Live Black Mass Ritual Fest 16.11.07 Kouvola, Finland)


KMC: You told me that Sacrilegious Impalement is starting to work another album soon. How will it be different comparing to 'Cultus Nex' or older releases?

Von Bastard: Yes, I´ve written 9-10 songs already, and I´m constantly writing on more. The main goal is aimed for a new album. You will witness S.I. evolving into a new level, not forgetting the elements of older S.I. Much darker, colder & hatred maybe, but for sure it will be pure S.I. Only stronger..

Hellwind: Our fiery tongue is licking our womb to ashes and from darkness to even darker we are now reborn.

KMC: Will it also be released by Hammer of Hate?

Von Bastard: Who knows, too early to reveal. We signed with HoH only for the Cultus Nex.

KMC: Is there any new Sacrilegious Impalement shows coming this year? Could you mention a couple?

Von Bastard: When writing this, we have just returned from Oulu where we played with Horna & Winterwolf. You can check few songs & the new line-up here:

Sacrilegious Impalement - Baptism By Blood + Revelations...The Coming!
(Live Jalometalli Kick-Off, Oulu, Finland 12.08.2010)

Von Bastard: No shows confirmed for the end of the year, but we could do few if interested. The main goal now is the new material.

Hellwind: If someone has a proposal in mind arranging a gig for S.I. you can always contact us via e-mail:


KMC: What does Satanism mean to you?

Hellwind: Nothing much nowadays, really, to be honest. Nevertheless, it once opened some doors within me when I was a younger dwelling and those doors remain unlocked.

Von Bastard: To me it still represents one form of rebel spirit for example.

KMC: What does Black Metal mean to you?

Von Bastard: Channeling it the right way, it will store great energies.

Hellwind: It is one of the channels between me and the inner universe. I use it as a tool of acceleration.

KMC: What about the Black Metal bands in Finland today?

Hellwind: Well, I think this is too extensive question to answer with unambiguous thoughts and/or opinions. Let's say there's a bunch of noteworthy bands and then there's all the rest.

KMC: Any favourite finnish BM bands you would like to salute?

Hellwind: Of course all my brothers in Baptism, Behexen, Enochian Crescent, Horna, Archgoat, Anal Blasphemy, Ordinance, Flauros, IC Rex and Vitsaus. Rejoice on top of this abyss with me as we once again drown ourselves into its depths.

Von Bastard: Exordium also deserves more attention.

KMC: I must agree with you Von. Exordium is really worth checking out (

KMC: What is your opinion about NSBM?

Hellwind: I support it personally.

Von Bastard: Yeah, but Sacrilegious Impalement doesn´t stand as a political group.This question should be in law to be asked about in every fucking interview btw.

KMC: Any last words?

Hellwind: ἀλήθεια.
Von Bastard: To Walk the Night.

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