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Korgonthurus interview


What does Black Metal mean to you?

Great channel to express the current from within.

KMC: What does Satanism mean to you?

Spiritual satanism gives us the key to the true enlighment.

KMC: When and how did Korgonthurus begin?

Korgonthurus: Korgonthurus started in the late 2000, by Sedit, Kryth, Corvus. Sedit left the band in 2001 and Korgonthurus was resurected in 2002 with new line up. Corvus- vocals, U666- Bass, Kryth-Drums, Necron- Guitar.2004 U666 lef the band andd Korgonthurus continued as a trio until the year 2008 when Lunatic joined the horde. 2010 Kryth decided to leave and yet again we are continuing as a trio.

Korgonthurus- Huuda Huora Huuda
(from 'Korgonthurus' EP Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2005)

KMC: Were there any influences in the beginning?

Korgonthurus: Life, musical influences, satanism, etc.

KMC: The name Korgonthurus, what does it mean?

Korgonthurus: Force of Evil.

KMC: Korgonthurus logo, who's responsible for that?

Korgonthurus: Corvus.

KMC: Where does Korgonthurus found it source to inspiration?

Korgonthurus: Life, vitutus and from the unit we call Korgonthurus.

KMC: You rarely play live, am i right? If i am, then why does Korgonthurus play live shows so rarely?

Korgonthurus: We don't rehearse that much.. All of the band members are busy with their other main projects.

KMC: When was the last time Korgonthurus played live? Was it 5.9.2008 Tampere, Bar Hellä with Lugubrum and Urfaust?

Korgonthurus: Yes.

KMC: Is there any Korgonthurus shows coming in the future?

Korgonthurus: Hopefully in the future. Nothing has planned.

KMC: What is your opinion about Black Metal today?

Korgonthurus:The magic has gone long time ago and what's really pissing off is that some wimps and posers are trying to get back in the 90' that they don't know shit about it.

KMC: What about Finnish Black Metal today?

Korgonthurus: Too much Black Metal bands that are the same musicians but the name is different.

KMC: Any favourite Finnish BM acts?

Korgonthurus: So fucking many.


KMC: Korgonthurus first demos 'Root of Evil' and 'Wings of Hate' was self-released in 2001. What kind of feedback did you get from those demos? I mean back in 2001?

Korgonthurus: It got a really suprisingly good feedback. We were noticed in the scene and it gaves us possibility to network with other great individuals. It makes us what we are today.

KMC: From the beginning you decided to do vocals in Finnish and in English. Why is that?

Korgonthurus: In the beginning it was just a test to try it out in English but it did not feel right. It is much more personal to do it in native language.

KMC: It says in Korgonthurus Myspace page that "May 2001 Korgonthurus is buried - July 2002 Korgonthurus is resurrected." What happened there?

Korgonthurus: Simple, Korgonthurus split up and came back. Kryth decided to leave and it felt that it wouldn't be the same to continue without him. Now it is totally different. now that Kryth left it did not bother us at all, since the unit has grown so strong that one member leaving does not stop us.

Korgonthurus - Ikuisuuden Arvet
(from 'Ikuisuuden Arvet' Demo Warmoon 2003)

KMC: In 2002 'Ikuisuuden Arvet' demo was released through Warmoon. It featured tracks from the demos "Root of Evil" and "Black Wings of Hate" and live tracks from 2001. Where was those live tracks recorded?

Korgonthurus: If i remember correctly, it was recorded in motorock 2001

KMC: Warmoon has also released demos from Baptism, Sargeist and Vordr. Does the label still exists?

Korgonthurus: With a different name, Grievantee.

KMC: A Promo tape was released in 2003 through Grievantee. After that came Korgonthurus debut EP, released by Obscure Abhorrence Productions in 2005. I have the 12" version where there is Corvus on the cover, including a bonus track 'Jäähyväiset...' and i've heard that there is a different 12" version also, am i right? What kind of version is that?

Korgonthurus: Atleast to our knowledge there shouldn't be any other vinyl versions from it. If there is, let me know!

KMC: 'Ristillä Mädäntyen' EP was released through Obscure Abhorrence Productions in 2007. It was mixed by your partner in crime, Shatraug. How was it to work with Shatraug?

Korgonthurus: It was easy. We just went there told Shatraugh to push record button and everything just happened. The songs weren't even ready when we enetered to sutdio boneyard.

KMC: 'Kahlittu Huora Jumalan' is my all time favourite Korgonthurus track, taken from the 'Ristillä Mädäntyen' EP. The title kind of says it all, but anyway, could you tell me (and the readers) what the song is about?

Korgonthurus: Crushing the empty shell of totally meaningless creature.

Korgonthurus - Kahlittu Huora Jumalan
(from 'Ristillä Mädäntyen' EP Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2007)

KMC: 'Salvation Through Despair', split with German Black Metal band Silberbach was released through Obscure Abhorrence Productions in 2008. How did you came up with the idea to do a split 10" with Silberbach? Or was it the labels idea?

Korgonthurus: Have to admit that cannot recall how did it go, ha ha.

KMC: 'Epätoivo Seuranasi' is the only Korgonthurus song in the split record. It is a 10 minute song. This was Korgonthurus first step (first recorded step) to longer songs. How was the song 'Epätoivo Seuranasi' born?

Korgonthurus: You have to ask from Kryth that one since he has made the music and lyrics to that song.

KMC: And about longer songs... Korgonthurus debut full-lenght 'Marras' was released in 2006, by Obscure Abbhorence Productions. The records contains two songs 'Marraskyyneleet' and 'Mustan Usvan Kohdussa'. The first track is 22 minutes long and the second track is 16 minutes long. How did came up the idea to do longer and more atmospheric songs?

Korgonthurus: It just happened, nothing was planned. The songs develope witin the years in progress.

Korgonthurus - Marraskyyneleet (part 1)
(from 'Marras' Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2009)

KMC: After Korgonthurus & Bloodhammer 7" split came Korgonthurus & Musta Kappeli split, released by Hammer Of Hate 2010. Korgonthurus & Musta Kappeli split featured Korgonthurus song called 'Sade', the last unreleased song from the Marras-recording session. Why did decide to put 'Sade' in this split album, instead of putting it in the 'Marras' full-lenght as a third track?

Korgonthurus: Originally it was the idea to release " Marraskyyneleet " , " Mustan Usvan Kohdussa " , " Sade " , " Epätoivo Seuranasi " on se same pack. But we decided to put it in pieces since the debut album would have lasted over than an hour.

KMC: Obscure Abhorrence Productions and Art of Propaganda released 'Tapa Itsetsi' 7" EP in 2010. After that one of the founding members of Korgonthurus, Kryth, decided to leave the band. What happened?

Korgonthurus: Kryth wanted to concentrate more on his main project like Pure Evil and Musta Kappeli. The spirit of Korgonthurus died in him.

Korgonthurus - Unohdettu
(from 'Tapa Itsesi' 7" Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2010)

KMC: Is Korgonthurus doing still fine as a trio?

Korgonthurus: Stronger than ever !

KMC: When can we expect a new Korgonthurus record?

Korgonthurus: Very soon, we have activated Korgonthurus again with a full force. Next record will be more shorter and a lot more aggressive, of course.

KMC: Thank you for the interview.

Korgonthurus: Fuck the World !

Korgonthurus - Saastunut
(from 'Ristillä Mädäntyen' EP Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2007)