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Totalselfhatred interview


Can you tell the readers about the beginning of Totalselfhatred? When did Totalselfhatred start and how etc..?

N & A: A. and C. found out that they had the same vision about band fully dedicated to desperate, dark, melancholy soundscapes, that´s where it all started.

KMC: Were there any influences in the beginning?

N & A: Influences has and always will be life.

KMC: Where did the band name came up?

N & A: It has about a thousand meanings, depending on view and interpreatation, that´s just how we wanted it to be, it´s just as hard to put to words as feelings are and undefined feeling is what this wordcreation represents.

Totalselfhatred - Total Self-Hatred
(taken from 'Totalselfhatred' Ordo Decimus Peccatum 2008)

KMC: Where does Totalselfhatred found it source to inspiration?

N & A: It is the same thing with influences. Inspiration comes from the life that surrounds us.

KMC: Do you consider Totalselfhatred as a 'Depressive Black Metal' band or just a 'Black Metal' band?

N & A: I personally think that it is useless to label us in any genre. We make our music straight from our hearts.

KMC: You have been compared to such bands as Forgotten Tomb and Shining. What's your opinion about that?

N & A: I have no problems with that. Both are great bands and we have been an opening act for Shining in summer 2010. It was great.


KMC: Totalselfhatred demo (promo) came out 2006. Was the demo made only for searching a right label for releasing future Totalselfhatred material?

N & A: Yes, the promo was meant for the record labels only.

Totalselfhatred - Enlightment
(taken from 'Totalselfhatred' Ordo Decimus Peccatum 2008)

KMC: Were there any other labels interested in releasing Totalselfhatred? I mean before Ordo Decimus Peccatum Records, what released Totalselfhated's debut full-lenght.

N & A: Yes there were several others. I am not going to give any names but none of them gave the same kind of deal as Ordo Decimus Peccatum.

KMC: Debut full-lenght was released 2008 by Ordo Decimus Peccatum Records. How did you end up releasing the album through Ordo Decimus Peccatum? Did the label found you or did you found the label?

N & A: We sent the promo to Osmose Productions and through that label Ordo Decimus Peccatum found us. Offered us a deal that we just couldn't refuse.

KMC: How does the full-lenght sound when you are listening it today. Do you get any flashbacks, for example from the recording sessios?

N & A: There is some memories on certain songs that rise up whenever i hear it. Not necessarily good memories but something from the heart.

KMC: How was the recording sessions? Was it easy or hard?

N & A: Now to think of that was easy. Although we searched the sound for three weeks i guess. There was some technical problems of course but that's something that belongs to recording sessions.

Totalselfhatred - Ruoska
(taken from 'Totalselfhatred' Ordo Decimus Peccatum 2008)

KMC: Can you tell me about the song 'Ruoska' (taken from the debut album). What's it about?

N & A: It´s about going on and developing your life even though it might be tough at times, trying to learn from your mistakes and mishaps. It´s also about that life doesn`t care about your complaints just keeps on "whipping" (ruoska=whip) you forwards.

Promo 2006 Demo, 2006
Totalselfhatred Full-length, 2008

A. - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (Nordlys/Pest/Die Pest, Nocti Vagus, Nordwind (Deu), Horna, Fjell)
C. - Vocals, Guitar (Horna, Sear (Fin), Korgonthurus)
J. - Guitar, Keyboards (General Winter (Fin), Night Must Fall, Slugathor, Tyranny (Fin))
N. - Bass (Korgonthurus)
I. - Drums (2010-) (Deepred, Night Must Fall, Ordinance, Slugathor)
M. - Keyboards (Funeral Oath)


KMC: How would you descride Totalselfhatred as a live band?

N & A: We`re trying to create an intensive atmosphere, which we hope will carry to the audience.

Totalselfhatred - Cold Room Starstained 03.07.2010
live - Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland.

KMC: Totalselfhatred did a tour called 'Suddenly Hurtful Silence Tour' in 2009. There were two bands playing with you known as Hypothermia and Silent Leges Inter Arma. The tour was mostly made in Germany. How did it go? How was the live response comparing to Finnsih audience?

N & A: The tour went well. Silent Leges Inter Arma and Hypothermia guys were great and very co operative. There were some bad luck on tour also but nothing dramatic. We were quite shocked about how many people came to see our show. More than i could have imagined. The responde compared to finish and abroad is quite the same.

KMC: There are two members in Totalselhatred also involved with a Finnish BM band Horna. Have there ever been any schedule problems with Horna and Totalselfhatred? I mean both bands are active, playing shows and recording albums etc.

N & A: One had already left Horna before TotalSelfHatred started to play actively live and the other one left some time later, so there`s no scheduling problems.

KMC: Totalselfhatred drummer known as 'T' left the band this year. What happened?

N & A: Long story short. T. was sharing different kind of vision about the music so the decision for the departure was mutual.


KMC: You are now working with a new album called 'Apocalypse In Your Heart'. Can you tell me something about it? Is it much different comparing to your debut?

N & A: It is somewhat different compared to first release. But still you can regonize it as TSH.

KMC: And what label is releasing 'Apocalypse In Your Heart'?

N & A: Osmose Productions.

KMC: Will it be out in CD or LP or both?

N & A: I guess both formats.

KMC: Any release dates planned?

N & A: No.

KMC: Thank you for the interview.

N & A: Thank you !

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Downloads: True Black Dawn - War Against Christians (Demo) 1993

First of all.. I don't like downloading music (+ i don't like music streaming services for example Spotify). Why? I like my records as records, not as files. But.. There's a lot of limited edition sold out BM c-casette demo releases not availabe anymore. Most BM demo releases i would like to own, were sold out back in the days. So, only place to hear them, and yes, fucking downloading them, is the internet. So, i decided i will add some selected download links in these pages. The download links will feature my selection of my favourite BM demo releases, but ALWAYS WITH A PERMISSION FROM A BAND. And i mean, always. This time my choice is a demo from a Finnish band called True Black Dawn. Demo is called War Against Christians, self-released in 1993.

War Against Christians (Demo), 1993

2.Eläköön Saatana!
4.Forever Rotting Nazarene
5.Whore of the Night
6.In Manus Tuas Satanas

Line-up: Cindergrin - vocals, Tero Perasto - guitar, Marko Männikkö - guitar, Jussi Pasala - bass, Jani Martikkala - drums

True Black Dawn 1998

True Black Dawn Discography:
-Hymn To Darkness (Demo), 1992
- War Against Christians (Demo), 1993
- Dead Metal (Demo),1996
- Blood for Satan (Demo), 1998
- Blood for Satan (Full-length,), 2001
- O.B.C (Full-length Split), 2005