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Exordium interview


KMC: First of all. The question you have probably heard before. Tell me about Exordium, when did the band start and how did it happen?

TK: In 1996 I (vocals/guitar) and Tuukka Karstila (guitar) were already heavily influenced by Blackmetal and at least I had a strong anticristian view of life. We had pretty much the same intrests at that time so we desided to join our forces to create work of our own. Soon we got to know Mikko Salopino who became our bassist/second vocalist. Atte Karstila started as a session drummer but soon became a permanent member. Few years later Salopino was replaced by Santtu Tiihonen from Unburied. Tiihonen became the main vocalist and bass player. Lineup has been the same eversince.

KMC: In 1996. What kind Black Metal scene..or...hmm, that word 'scene' is too fucking bullshit, let me correct myself...what kind of BM bands were there in Lahti at that time period, where there any?

TK: Well I don’t remember any serious Black Metal bands at that time. At least I didn’t know any. Unburied played already doom of some sort.

KMC: What about nowadays?

TK: Nowdays we have Clandestine Blaze and Sacrilegious Impalement to name a few. Well I don’t know any other SERIOUS Blackmetal bands.

Exordium - Unevangel
(from 'Crushing The Holy Trinity" 3xLP/3xCD trilogy'
Northern Heritage 2005)

KMC: Is there any place in Lahti where you can play the music you play, i mean live?

TK: There are few places. Bar called Torvi is where we have played few times and there were 8-Sali where was Black Metal concerts few years back. There might be a one place for “private” gigs atleast for now. We will see if Exordium plays there.

KMC: What does the name Exordium mean to you?

TK: For me Exordium name represents opening for our antichristian activites back in 1996 musically and practically.

KMC: If someone would ask you (in this case ME), what kind of Black Metal does Exordium play, then how would you answer?

TK: Fierce ,hateful, straight forward and in your face with razor sharp guitar riffs without unnecessary melodies.

KMC: Where does Exordium found it source to inspiration?

TK: Everyday life, moral values and dogmas around us.

KMC: Where did Exordiums first live show happen? Any specific memories?

TK: First live performace was at the local metal festival at Torvi. It was intense gig, but I have no unordinary memories.


KMC: 'Exordium' EP was released through Northern Heritage 2001. How did you end up releasing..well all your releases through Northern Heritage?

TK: Since the begining working with Northern Heritage has been suitable for us. Trusth worthy label. No unnecessary work or needless glamour.

KMC: The debut EP cointains four tracks and a kind of "non Black Metal" type of cover art. Can you tell me something about the cover, who's behind the art and what's the meaning in that picture?

TK: Painting was made by Marko Malmioja in wall/ceiling of my friends bathroom. I don’t want to explain it thoroughly because it has a strong abstact meaning for me. But basicly it presents man’s craving for void and filth. I still think it is highly inspiring and twisted piece of art.

KMC: How did people react to the debut release? What kind of reviews did the release get?

TK: Responce was good. It sold out pretty soon. Lyrics were considered to have more “thought” than the next one and we got praices since although we had raw and cruel sound, it was played sharp and steady grip. 2004 Northern Heritage released mCD version from “Exordium”. Allthough we lifted some drums and bass lines it somehow suffers a lack of essence and the cover art is too dark.

KMC: What's your own review about the debut release?

TK: It is cruel and fierce record. It captured the essesce what were in 2001 and I still am proud of that release.

Exordium - Craving Vehemence
(from 'Crushing The Holy Trinity" 3xLP/3xCD trilogy'
Northern Heritage 2005)

KMC: Next songs from Exordium was featured in a 3xLP/3xCD trilogy split record known as 'Crushing The Holy Trinity (Holy Spirit)' , featuring bands like Mgla, Deathspell Omega, Musta Surma etc. The record was relased by
Northern Heritage in 2005. How did you end up in this release?

TK: I asked NH if Clandestine Blaze would make a split with Exordium since we had a few new songs. Instead NH asked if we would take part in this trilogy. Well this was an honour for us so of course we agreed to do this.

KMC: After the split record, same year, there was a seven inch released featuring two new Exordium songs. The seven inch is titled as 'Nihil I.N.R.I.'. What does the title mean?

TK: Santtu Tiihonen should answer to this question to get the correct answer. But basically it means the denying son of god as a moral and religious mentor.

KMC: Were those songs taken from the same 3xLP/3xCD trilogy split recording session, or did you record these 7" songs separately?

TK: They were recorded in different session.

KMC: In 2007 Northern Heritage released a live album called 'Mass Of Bestial Blaphemy'. Why a live album?

TK: We recorded succesfully one of our gigs in 2006. Sounds were pretty raw and we played special version of our song “Unevangel” with Waltteri Myllynen as a feedback guitarist. If I remember correctly NH suggested to us that we would release a live cassette from that recording.

KMC: Do you call this recording as Exordiums debut full-lenght or is 'In Wrath Principle' your actual official full-lenght debut?

TK: In Wrath Principle is our debut album, no doubt about it.

KMC: 'Mass Of Bestial Blaphemy' was released as tape only. Is it a very limited edition release?

TK: I don’t remember why it was released only as tape. Far as I know it still can be bought. It’s not limited.

Exordium - Wrathprayer
(from 'Mass of Bestial Blasphemy'
Northern Heritage 2007)

KMC: Where was the live recording recorded?

TK: Bar called Torvi at Lahti.

KMC: Two years ago, when i bought Sacrilegious Impalements 'World In Ashes' EP, i also bought Exordiums 'In Wrath Principle', and i truly love the album.
'In Wrath Principle' was released in 2008 through
Northern Heritage. How was the 'In Wrath Principle' recording sessions?

TK: Thank you. We recorded all instruments in two days. Atte Karstila played drums in first day and rest of the instruments were recorded in second day. Vocals were recorded later in two sessions. All in all recording sessions were pretty short since we all practiced our own instruments well.

KMC: Where did you record the album?

TK: Instruments were recorded in Kujalandia recording studio and vocals were recorded in Orimattila Music Institute.

KMC: Did the album turn out the way you wanted to?

TK: I am very satisfied with the result. CD version has a little bit too polished sound and drums are too front but all in all it turned the way we wanted it to be.

Exordium - Nocturnal King
(from '
In Wrath Principle' Northern Heritage 2008)

KMC: Friend of mine J. Siikala did the paintings for the cover art. How did you end up choosing J. Siikala as your painting cover artist?

TK: J. Siikala has done lot of paintings for NH records. So NH recomended him for us.

KMC: Song from the album called 'Nocturnal King'. Can you tell me what is it about? I know the title says a lot, but still..?

TK: Again this should be answered by Santtu Tiihonen to get the exact meaning. I think it is needless to explain this sort of lyrics since you should find your own meaning for them anyway.

KMC: What is the next chapter in Exordiums disocgraphy, any new releases planned?

TK: We are working with our new material now but no plans for future releases. We might record 7” next.

Exordium discogrpahy
Exordium EP, 2001
Crushing the Holy Trinity (Holy Spirit) Split, 2005
Nihil I.N.R.I EP, 2005
Mass of Bestial Blasphemy Live album, 2007
In Wrath Principle Full-length, 2008


KMC: What kind of live band is Exordium? I have never seen you live.

TK: Intense and raw at best. No theatrical elements. But since we have so distorted guitars it can sound pretty fuzzy if the mixer cannot do his job correctly. We have had a few bad experiences in our latest gigs.

Exordium - Intro + Tyrannia Martyrum (live 2006)

KMC: 2009 you played in Black Mass Ritual II and Black Curce Over Helsinki festivals (both held in Helsinki, Finland). How did those shows go and how was the response?

TK: In BMR2(was held in Lahti) show was just poor from us. In BCOH the sound guy fucked our sound up, guitars were too low in the mix. Response was not bad but I was not satisfied.

KMC: Any upcoming shows in future?

TK: No plans for gigs. In general Exordium plays very rarely live.


KMC: What does Black Metal mean to you?

TK: It shares my values.

KMC: What does satanism mean to you?

TK: As a word nothing to me but one might say that I am satanist. As above it shares my values.

Exordium - Pyre of Resistance (live 2009)

KMC: What about NSBM?

TK: Not much.

KMC: There's bands mixing post-rock in Black Metal and bands mixing jazz elements in Black Metal and so on and so on.. What's your opionon about that?

TK: As far as it keeps it’s origin pure mixing different elments is fine and interresting. But if mixing becomes as an absolute value, it’s just musical work and has nothing to do with Blackmetal.

KMC: Can you name five of your favourite metal (is it Death or Black or whatever) albums?

TK: To name only few: Unholy: From the Shadows, Deathspell Omega: Si monumentum Requires Circums, Mayhem: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Emperor: Emperor, Immortal: Pure Holocaust

KMC: If you compare Swedish Black Metal bands and Finnish Black Metal bands together, then what is the biggest difference you see/hear?

TK: Most Swedish bands are more polished and theatrical than Finnish bands.

KMC: What do you think of Norwegialn Black Metal nowadays? Is it money filled circus these days or....?

TK: It is just pathetic rock and roll from my point of view. Of course there might be good underground bands but I haven’t looked in to Norweigian scene for many years now.

KMC: Thank you for the interview.

TK: Thank you. Spread hate and desecrate!

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