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SSORC was formed in 2000. The drummer, Ironfist from Inferno was looking for the members to start black metal band. First, the vocalist Mutilation Under The Moonlight who was the vocalist of Japanese BM band called Magane (凶音) joined the project, and then the bassist Exekutioner 13(ex-Magane) and the guitarist Hnickkar joined. Up to now the band changed some bassists or played with support bassists, but in 2008 Mayo Odium joined SSORC as a permanent member.

Now SSORC is:
Ironfist from Inferno - Drums (G.I.S.M., Crow, Die You Bastard!)
Mutilation Under the Moonlight - Vocals (aka Dr. Hatred in Zombie Ritual)
Hnickkar - Guitar (Session Mïsogi)
Mayo Odium - Bass

SSORC plays fast, violent and noisy BM with a bit scandinavian style. Their 1st full album 'Infidel Eternal', released in 2005, consists of cruel guitar sound, evil distorted bass, terrific fast blast and brutal vocals. This album represents SSORC's first step.
What has influenced on the band is not only BM or other metal stuff, but 80's Japanese hardcore too. SSORC's terroristic attitude has some elements, and two of them are ground of 80's Japan hardcore violation and BM terror.

SSORC - Fury of the Mountains

(from the album 'Infidel Eternal'Armageddon / Obliteration Records)

SSORC writes their songs with inspiration from anti-christianity, satanism or paganism as those western bands. As you know these topics are most terrible for the western Christian society, but actuary it is not in Japan. People don't fear Satan or blasphemy against god. So Japanese (old) ghost or horror stories or legends are important image for SSORC. It is linked with band's principle.

And as the guitarist/main songwriter Hnickkar has Norwegian blood, SSORC has respect for Scandinavian myths, and that influences on their songs too.

Now band is just about to work on their 2nd full album, and they are reaching out new steps. The sound of 'Infidel Eternal' was fast and violent straight BM, but new SSORC sound can't be described by only those words that were used for 'Infidel Eternal'. (Text taken from SSORC Myspace by 'none').

SSORC - Bury my Coffin by my own Hands
(from the album 'Infidel Eternal'Armageddon / Obliteration Records)

Encyclopaedia Metallum:

* Black Metal Terrorism Demo, 2004
* Infidel Eternal Full-length, 2005

SSORC - live at Tokyo Dark Castle, September 6th 2008

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Celestial Bloodshed

Hailing from Trondheim, Norway. Celestial Bloodshed are one of the old school style of raw primitive aural bombardment. There are no keyboards to temper the rabid jaws of the satanic hunger, no palette of colour, just black and white, flesh crawling BM. The guitars rip into the air like sharpened battle horns impaling the splintered shields of angels. The sound has a thicker core than the more fuzzy Darkthrone primitivisms, and yet both caustic styles share the same corpse painted, forest dwelling panoramic visions. The music is a journey into Hell with fast and slow songs, both merging to form a chilling aural plague.

Celestial Bloodshed - Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed

(from the album 'Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed' Debemur-Morti 2008)

Celestial Bloodshed
Vocals: Steingrim Torson (R.I.P. 1983-2009) (Grenjar, Miseria X, Selvhat, Jammerskrik, Unbeing, Kaosritual, One tail, One Head)
Guitar: Danilex Hegror, Sarath (live)
Bass: Azazil (live) (Kaosritual, Mørkekunst, Mare (Nor), Grenjar, Black Majesty)

- Mitt Rike (Demo), self-financed 2001
- Celestial Bloodshed EP, Apocalyptic Empire Records 2006
- Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed, Debemur-Morti 2008

Celestial Bloodshed - Live, Holland
(Willemeen, 16.01.2009 Arnhem, Holland)

Celestial Bloodshed interview
(taken from Ravishing Grimness Blog).

- Can you give some band history for those who haven't yet heard of Celestial Bloodshsed - when and where was the band formed, who are the members, and why was this band brought into being?

W: The shadows called out and Celestial Bloodshed was spawned at the dawn of the new millennium with the aim to perform the dark arts of Black Metal. After the recording of the demo in 01' we went through different problems such as dealing with undedicated people, imprisonment, finding a steady vocalist/rehearsal place, etc. The usual shit. In year four, we found a worthy throat to handle the vocals and around the same time a founding member decided to escape into the world of humanity as we continued to go deeper into darkness. That darkness that manifested itself in the form of a 7" EP in year six, and now in the form of a full-length album on Debemur-Morti Productions .

The cursed are: S.v.F: Serpent's tongue, W: Strings, T: Hellhammers and K: strings.

- You hail from Norway, black metal's storied homeland. What is it about the place that conjures up so many black metal, and extreme metal in general, bands? Is it the society, the natural world, or some unknown factor?

W: I have no idea. Bad taste maybe, because 98% of the bands from Norway are shit nowadays.

- How did you first come upon the perfect musical formula for this band - the one that made you say, "Yes, THIS is Celestial Bloodshed"?

W: It was a feeling, the surroundings got darker and we just knew...

- How did your recent partnership with Moribund come about?

W: Debemur-Morti Productions who released our album here in Europe set it up.

- Tell me about Cursed, Scarred, and Forever Possessed, your new album.

W: Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed contains 7 hymns that deals with Darkness, Death, Hate, Blasphemy, depression, madness, pain and worship. This is presented in the form of mostly cold and aggressive songs, but with some slower parts to bring forth the madness and frustration that surrounds us at times.

- What is your writing/recording process like? Who handled production duties on the record?

W: Ideas are born through experiences and thoughts and brought forth before the band and then we work from that in different ways, not very interesting to read about anyway. Same goes for the recording process. H.Dalen from Brygga studios helped us with the recording and Tore Stjerna mastered it.

- Production on Cursed... is definitely very raw and "orthodox"-sounding, by black metal standards at least. Why do you choose to record your music in such a manner when there are a variety of modern techniques available that some say render low-fi recording more or less obsolete? I personally prefer the more DIY approach, as do many fans of this style, but I'm curious as to your reasoning behind using it.

W: We wanted a sound that suited the songs and feelings behind them, to create a atmosphere of....darkness.

- What sort of topics do you discuss in your lyrics? What is the underlying shared philosophy of the band, be it Satanic, pagan, atheistic, or something else?

W: The lyrics deals with subjects as: Death, Hate, Blasphemy, depression, madness, pain and worship. We have chosen the left hand path and struggle onwards. Vi är en manifestasjon mot det kristna samhället och männskligheten i sin helhet!!

- With a name like 'Celestial Bloodshed, 'one would not be hesitant to assume that the band is anti-Christian. What turned you against Christianity and organized religion? If you could send one message to the "believers" of the world, what would it be?

W: Where to start…their lies and false morals? They make weak sheep out of proud lions? Slaves out of kings? They are blind people who refuse to seek further than to their "god", refuse to look into the abyss. They hide behind their "god", book and holiness! And I can see traces of them everywhere and it disgusts me! The message? "No matter how your paradise is shaped, there will always be a certain snake" (not my words but the best I could think of right now that didn't involve Fuck, Kill, Die, Perish, Flames, Hate or off.)

- Without whom would Celestial Bloodshed not exist i.e. which bands, artists, and elements have influenced you in terms of this project?

W: Us and the call to do this.

- Who would you consider to be your musical peers? Do you follow the modern black metal scene at all? If so, what are your thoughts on its progression and adaptation of other musical styles over the past few years?

W: I don't spend my time thinking about such things. The only scene I follow closely is within our own Nidrosian circle, as there are too many bands and releases nowadays and very few good ones.

- What's next for the band after the release of Cursed...?

W: We will release a 7"ep called The Serpent's Kiss through Apocalyptic Empire Records and Terratur Possessions in near future and we are now working on a mini lp that will be out when the time is right. Also we hope to do more live rituals in the future.

Celestial Bloodshed - Truth Is Truth, Beyond God

(from the album 'Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed' Debemur-Morti 2008)

Steingrim Torson, the 25-year-old vocalist of the Norwegian black metal band Celestial Bloodshed, died late Thursday night (April 30-May 1) of a shotgun wound to the stomach. A 20-year-old male, who has been described by the Norwegian media as Torson's "best friend," has been indicted for murder but reportedly maintains that the shooting was an accident.
The 20-year-old suspect "has no explanation of how the gun went off," his attorney, Morten Aalberg, told VG Nett. He told the police that the shot was fired at close range and that Torson fell backwards, but he can't recall any other details of the fatal episode, which happened in the suspect's apartment in Byåsen, a district in the city of Trondheim, Norway.
The news of Torson's death has shocked black metal scene in Trondheim, where the singer also resided. Adresseavisen on Saturday described Torson as a talented vocalist — and a warm and loyal friend.

Celestial Bloodshed
Myspace (fan page):
Encyclopaedia Metallum:

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Satanic Black Vomit Lust

All you vomit & goat worshipper who enjoy Death/Black Metal, for example Sarcófago, Black Witchery, Morbosidad, Order From Chaos, Revenge, Abominator, Impiety, Archgoat and Angelcorpse. I think (i'm sure) you will enjoy these as well.

Goatlord - Unholy Black Slut
(from the 'Demo'87' Self Released 1987)

One of the members of Goatlord, is the administrator of BloodShows, A Snuff internet website. Featuring members from Spun In Darkness. More info about Goatlord.

Conqueror - Bloodhammer
(from the 'Annihilate' Demo N/A 1998)

Raw and fast blasting aggression covers the area in black metal between Blasphemy, Destroyer 666 and Angelcorpse. Featuring members from Blasphemy, Domini Inferi, Revenge, Cremation etc. "Conqueror (R.I.P) does not and will never have any "Official Website" or a "Myspace" page; any websites concerning Conqueror are not condoned by the band members in anyway and would be better off removed from the internet" [Ryan Förster]. More info about Conqueror.

Sadogoat - Female Goat Perversion
(from the 'Demo' Unknown 1999)

The band changed its name to Sadomator in 2005. Though they will still make a few more releases under the Sadogoat moniker. Featuring members from Hellhaunted and Black Goat Attack. More info about Sadogoat.

Anal Vomit - Alcoholocausto
(from the 'From Peruvian Hell' EP Legion of Death 2002)

Band name was taken from Sarcofago's song "Anal Vomit" from the album "Hate". Featuring members from Saram, Necrofucker, Sarcoma etc. More info about Anal Vomit.

Goat Molestör - Waste Of Holy Lands
(from 'Ancient Barbaric Assault' Demo Self Released 2003)

Changed their name to Grave Miasma. Featuring members from Cruciamentum, Grave Miasma, The One etc. More info about Grave Molestör.

Blasphemophagher - Altar of Quantum Immortality
(from the album '…For Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation…' Nuclear War Now! 2010)

Atomic Incinerator and Necrovomiterror used to play in a band called Sanguinem Mortem, in the vein of old Dissection and Satanized but never released anything. Featuring members from Baphomet's Blood, Funeral Bitch, Caladbolg etc. More info about Blasphemophagher.

Nuclear Desecration - Nuclearwhore
(from the album 'Desecrated Temple Of Impurity' Gasmask Productions 2008)

Split-up in Dec 2008.Featuring members from Street Force, Nocturnal Blood and Hate Kommand. More info about Nuclear Desecration.

Grave Desecrator - Christ's Blood
(from the album 'Sign of Doom' Ketzer Records 2008)

Featuring members from The Endoparasites and Diabolic Force. More info about Grave Desecrator.

Axis of Advance - Curtailing Factors of Interference
(from the 'Landline' EP Catharsis 1999)

Formerly known as Sacramentary Abolishment, but changed their name to Axis of Advance when Paulus Kressman left. 'Axis of Advance' would have been the title for the third Sacrementary Abolishment album had it been released. Featuring members from Conqueror, Sacramentary Abolishment, Revenge, Cremation etc. More info about Axis of Advance.

Goatvomit - Goatlord Of Unholy Sodomy
(from the 'Chapel of the Winds of Belial' EP Nuclear War Now! 2002)

Goatvomit was anoimed by the Church of the Goat Baphomet in the impious year XXXIV A.S. and the demo tape called Carnal Blasphemy was unleashed at once. Featuring members from Goathrone, Crucifiction, Tatir etc. More info about Goatvomit.

Sadomator - Baphomet's Vomit
(from the 'Infinite Goatsower' EP Iron Bonehead Productions 2009)

Formerly known as Sadogoat. They changed their name to Sadomator in 2005 but a few more releases under the name Sadogoat came out after the name change. Featuring members from Hellhaunted and Black Goat Attack. More info about Sadomator.

Kerasphorus - Swarm Intelligentsia
(from the 'Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn' EP Nuclear War Now! 2010)

Featuring members from Order From Chaos, Revenge, Conqueror, Feldgrau etc. More info about Kerasphorus.

Apocalypse Command - Evil Necromancy
(from the 'Abyss Fiend of Darkness' Demo Self Released 2007)

Side project of Gene Palubicki from Angelcorpse. Featuring members from Impiety (USA), Blasphemic Cruelty, Naxul, Slaughter Lord etc. More info about Apocalypse Command.

Embrace of Thorns - Tyrant Goat (Crowned in Glory)
(from the album '...For I See Death In Their Eyes...' Sodomistic Rituals Productions 2007)

Archfiend DevilPig runs Chantos of Atomic Genoicide mini-zine and Kill Yourself Productions. Featuring members from Necrovorous, Nuclear Winter, Dead Congregation and Wargoat. More info about Embrace of Thorns.

Arkhon Infaustus - The Black Succubus Whores
(from the 'In Sperma Infernum' EP Mordgrimm 1998)

The word Satan is written in Hebrew on the I of Infaustus in the band's logo. Featruing members from Osculum Infame, Rites of thy Degringolade, Necrosleezer, Corpus Christii etc. More info about Arkhon Infaustus.

Sacramentary Abolishment - Enigmatic Predetermination
(from the 'Misanthropy' Demo Sel Released 1994)

Changed their name to Axis of Advance (which would have been the title of the third SA album) after Paulus left the band in 1998. As Paulus came up with the band name, they felt it should be changed when he left. Songs from the unreleased third S.A. album were re-worked and used for the first AoA release. Featuring members from Revenge, Witchblade, Ouroboros, Weapon etc. More info about Sacramentary Abolishment.

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Finnish BM

You already know Archgoat, Baptism, Barathrum, Beherit, Behexen, Clandestine Blaze, Enochian Crescent, Horna, Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Urn etc. etc. Well, this is for those of you who would like to learn MORE about Finnish BM. I know there's more bands and more links to put out and blaah blaah...but here's a couple i salute...

True Black Dawn- Blood for Satan

(from the album ' Blood for Satan' Necropolis Records 2001)

Black Metal. Formed in 1992. Formerly known as Nocturnal Feast. Now known as True Black Dawn due to legal issues with another band from the US with the same name. Featuring members from Enochian Crescent, ex-Havoc Unit, O, Rotten Sound, Mortyfear, Trollheim's Grott, Turmion Kätilöt, ...And Oceans [rip] etc. More info about True Black Dawn.

Anal Blasphemy - Satan Rapes God
(from the album 'Bestila Black Metal Filth' Hammer of Hate 2009)

Black/Death Metal. Formed in 1992. Molestor Kadotus plays all Instruments and does vocals. Molester Kadotus is also know from Calvarium, Musta Surma, Black Pries of Satan etc. Molester Kasotus runs the label Hammer of Hate with MisanthrOpium. More info about Anal Blashphemy.

Förgjord - Suohauta
(from the album 'Ajasta Ikuisuuteen' Hammer of Hate 2009)

Black Metal. Formed in 1995. The band started under the name 'Brightness of Darkness', but then soon the name changed to 'Winterflesh', then to 'Iceage' and finally in 1999 the name 'Förgjord' (Swedish for Destroyed) was chosen. Featuring members from Njafrar, Bestial Devastation etc. More info about Förgjord.

Calvarium - Jumalviha
(from the album 'The skull of Golgotha' Dynamic Arts Records 2003)

Black Metal. Formed in 2001. Featuring members from Baptism, Anal Blashphemy, Behexen, Alghazanth, Satanic Warmaster etc. More info about Calvarium.

Flame - Arts of the Black Wisdome
(from the album 'Into The Age Of Fire' Iron Pegasus Records 2005)

Black/Thrash Metal. Formed in 1998. Flame was formed by Blackvenom and Pimeä from Urn as a side-project but became later main band. Featuring members from Barathrum, Urn, Adorior etc. More info about Flame.

Sacrilegious Impalement - Baptism by Blood
(from the album 'Cultus Nex' Hammer of Hate 2009)

Black Metal. Formed in 2006. Featuring members from Urn, Neutron Hammer, Uncretions Dawn, Evil Angel etc. More info about Sacrilegious Impalement.

Jumalhämärä - The Swing
(from the album 'Slaughter the Messenger' Hammer of Hate 2007)

Experimental Black Metal. Formed in 1996. Jumalhämärä is Finnish for "Twilight of the Gods". Featuring members from Sink, Fleshpress etc. More info about Jumalhämärä.

Azazel - The Glow of Golden Fullmoon
(from the 'The Night of Satanachia' EP Miscarriage / Holocaust 1996)

Black Metal. Formed in 1992. Formerly known as Behemoth. Featuring members from Wakboth, Utgard, Charnel Winds etc. More info about Azazel.

Nocturnal Feast - Hymn to Darkness Demo Self released 1992

Black/Death Metal. The band changed their name to Black Dawn in the beginning of 1993. Featuring members from Enochian Crescent, True Black Dawn, ...And Oceans [rip] etc. More info about Nocturnal Feast.

Nekrokrist SS - Itsemurha
(from the album 'Suicide' Primitive Reaction 2007)

Black Metal. Formed in 2000. Band includes two members Nekroführer and Nekrokommando. More info about Nekrokrist SS.

Black Death Ritual
(No music can be found on YouTube or MySpace. Buy the fucking album).
Black Metal. Formed in 2003. Recorded one demo, one split LP and one full-lenght called 'Profound Echoes Of The End' Hammer of Hate 2005. Featruing members from Baptism, Deathchain, IC Rex, Demilich, Behexen etc. More info about Black Death Ritual.