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SSORC was formed in 2000. The drummer, Ironfist from Inferno was looking for the members to start black metal band. First, the vocalist Mutilation Under The Moonlight who was the vocalist of Japanese BM band called Magane (凶音) joined the project, and then the bassist Exekutioner 13(ex-Magane) and the guitarist Hnickkar joined. Up to now the band changed some bassists or played with support bassists, but in 2008 Mayo Odium joined SSORC as a permanent member.

Now SSORC is:
Ironfist from Inferno - Drums (G.I.S.M., Crow, Die You Bastard!)
Mutilation Under the Moonlight - Vocals (aka Dr. Hatred in Zombie Ritual)
Hnickkar - Guitar (Session Mïsogi)
Mayo Odium - Bass

SSORC plays fast, violent and noisy BM with a bit scandinavian style. Their 1st full album 'Infidel Eternal', released in 2005, consists of cruel guitar sound, evil distorted bass, terrific fast blast and brutal vocals. This album represents SSORC's first step.
What has influenced on the band is not only BM or other metal stuff, but 80's Japanese hardcore too. SSORC's terroristic attitude has some elements, and two of them are ground of 80's Japan hardcore violation and BM terror.

SSORC - Fury of the Mountains

(from the album 'Infidel Eternal'Armageddon / Obliteration Records)

SSORC writes their songs with inspiration from anti-christianity, satanism or paganism as those western bands. As you know these topics are most terrible for the western Christian society, but actuary it is not in Japan. People don't fear Satan or blasphemy against god. So Japanese (old) ghost or horror stories or legends are important image for SSORC. It is linked with band's principle.

And as the guitarist/main songwriter Hnickkar has Norwegian blood, SSORC has respect for Scandinavian myths, and that influences on their songs too.

Now band is just about to work on their 2nd full album, and they are reaching out new steps. The sound of 'Infidel Eternal' was fast and violent straight BM, but new SSORC sound can't be described by only those words that were used for 'Infidel Eternal'. (Text taken from SSORC Myspace by 'none').

SSORC - Bury my Coffin by my own Hands
(from the album 'Infidel Eternal'Armageddon / Obliteration Records)

Encyclopaedia Metallum:

* Black Metal Terrorism Demo, 2004
* Infidel Eternal Full-length, 2005

SSORC - live at Tokyo Dark Castle, September 6th 2008