lauantai 24. huhtikuuta 2010

Finnish BM

You already know Archgoat, Baptism, Barathrum, Beherit, Behexen, Clandestine Blaze, Enochian Crescent, Horna, Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Urn etc. etc. Well, this is for those of you who would like to learn MORE about Finnish BM. I know there's more bands and more links to put out and blaah blaah...but here's a couple i salute...

True Black Dawn- Blood for Satan

(from the album ' Blood for Satan' Necropolis Records 2001)

Black Metal. Formed in 1992. Formerly known as Nocturnal Feast. Now known as True Black Dawn due to legal issues with another band from the US with the same name. Featuring members from Enochian Crescent, ex-Havoc Unit, O, Rotten Sound, Mortyfear, Trollheim's Grott, Turmion Kätilöt, ...And Oceans [rip] etc. More info about True Black Dawn.

Anal Blasphemy - Satan Rapes God
(from the album 'Bestila Black Metal Filth' Hammer of Hate 2009)

Black/Death Metal. Formed in 1992. Molestor Kadotus plays all Instruments and does vocals. Molester Kadotus is also know from Calvarium, Musta Surma, Black Pries of Satan etc. Molester Kasotus runs the label Hammer of Hate with MisanthrOpium. More info about Anal Blashphemy.

Förgjord - Suohauta
(from the album 'Ajasta Ikuisuuteen' Hammer of Hate 2009)

Black Metal. Formed in 1995. The band started under the name 'Brightness of Darkness', but then soon the name changed to 'Winterflesh', then to 'Iceage' and finally in 1999 the name 'Förgjord' (Swedish for Destroyed) was chosen. Featuring members from Njafrar, Bestial Devastation etc. More info about Förgjord.

Calvarium - Jumalviha
(from the album 'The skull of Golgotha' Dynamic Arts Records 2003)

Black Metal. Formed in 2001. Featuring members from Baptism, Anal Blashphemy, Behexen, Alghazanth, Satanic Warmaster etc. More info about Calvarium.

Flame - Arts of the Black Wisdome
(from the album 'Into The Age Of Fire' Iron Pegasus Records 2005)

Black/Thrash Metal. Formed in 1998. Flame was formed by Blackvenom and Pimeä from Urn as a side-project but became later main band. Featuring members from Barathrum, Urn, Adorior etc. More info about Flame.

Sacrilegious Impalement - Baptism by Blood
(from the album 'Cultus Nex' Hammer of Hate 2009)

Black Metal. Formed in 2006. Featuring members from Urn, Neutron Hammer, Uncretions Dawn, Evil Angel etc. More info about Sacrilegious Impalement.

Jumalhämärä - The Swing
(from the album 'Slaughter the Messenger' Hammer of Hate 2007)

Experimental Black Metal. Formed in 1996. Jumalhämärä is Finnish for "Twilight of the Gods". Featuring members from Sink, Fleshpress etc. More info about Jumalhämärä.

Azazel - The Glow of Golden Fullmoon
(from the 'The Night of Satanachia' EP Miscarriage / Holocaust 1996)

Black Metal. Formed in 1992. Formerly known as Behemoth. Featuring members from Wakboth, Utgard, Charnel Winds etc. More info about Azazel.

Nocturnal Feast - Hymn to Darkness Demo Self released 1992

Black/Death Metal. The band changed their name to Black Dawn in the beginning of 1993. Featuring members from Enochian Crescent, True Black Dawn, ...And Oceans [rip] etc. More info about Nocturnal Feast.

Nekrokrist SS - Itsemurha
(from the album 'Suicide' Primitive Reaction 2007)

Black Metal. Formed in 2000. Band includes two members Nekroführer and Nekrokommando. More info about Nekrokrist SS.

Black Death Ritual
(No music can be found on YouTube or MySpace. Buy the fucking album).
Black Metal. Formed in 2003. Recorded one demo, one split LP and one full-lenght called 'Profound Echoes Of The End' Hammer of Hate 2005. Featruing members from Baptism, Deathchain, IC Rex, Demilich, Behexen etc. More info about Black Death Ritual.