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Enochian Crescent - Hammer Open Air, Lieto, Finland 11.6.2010

Pictures by KMC
Hendekagrammaton video by jennilyons
Grey Skin video by

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Flame Interview


KMC: Nowadays it seems that Finnish Black Metal is growing around and there's more happenings (shows, festivals) also included BM acts, but how was it in 1998, when Flame was born. How was the Finnish Black Metal scene back then?

Blackvenom: Hello! Yeah you're right, there's so much gigs now than back then. I think it's not only Finnish Black Metal wich going bigger. Every metal is a little bit trendy now. Everything then was smaller because internet chaos was just soon take over. There wasn't so many bands doing stuff the way we did.

KMC: You did your first gig in Valhalla Metal Bar, Kuopio. Any memories?

Blackvenom: Drunken maniacs audience, hatred, blood, fire, metal and mayhem!!! Perfect!!!

KMC: Flames firts demo was released in 2000. Songs in the demo are a mix between Thrash and Black Metal, what seems to be 'the sound of Flame'. Was it a purpose (a plan) to mix Thrash and Black or did just happen?

Blackvenom: Demo wasn't bad but a bit lack of our real dirtyness and evil 'coz of the mixing. Our roots came up bands like MASTER'S HAMMER, BLASPHEMY, old brazilians SARCOFAGO, VULCANO etc. So our sound was a natural progress. It wasn't anything doing like "hey, lets start to play like this". I think our never stuff had some great old death metal feeling partly...brutal!

Flame - Satan's Flame
(from the album 'Into The Age Of Fire' Iron Pegasus Records 2005)

KMC: 2002 you did a split ep with Swedish Devil Lee Rot called Explosion of Hell. Did you ever meet Devil Lee Rot or played shows together?

Blackvenom: I have met Mr. Devil Lee few times. But we never played together on same gig. It was Iron Pegasus Records idea to do the split.

KMC: Flame / Ghastly split ep released in 2005 (A Morbid Split). The split includes five songs from Flame. Songs 'Satan's Flame', 'Roots of Evil' and 'Darkness Shall Rise' are also included in Flames debute full-lenght Into the Age of Fire. Are the split versions very different from the full-lenght versions?

Blackvenom: Yes, they're different. Split with Ghastly including our first demo nothing more.

Flame discography
Rehearsal Tape Demo, 1999
2000 Demo Demo, 2000
Explosion of Hell Split, 2001
Promo 2004 Demo, 2004
A Morbid Split Split, 2005
Into the Age of Fire Full-length, 2005


KMC: About the debut album Into the Age of Fire, which is a great record by the way. Did it turn out the way you want it to? Does it reposence the sound of Flame?

Blackvenom: They sound of album is very primitive, needed to get more brutality but cool in it's own way.

KMC: What is the lyrical path in Into the Age of Fire?

Blackvenom: Satanic visions thru inner hatred, darkness & occult.

Flame - Darkness Shall Arise
(from the album 'Into The Age Of Fire' Iron Pegasus Records 2005)


KMC: 2006 you played shows (or a show?) with Nifelheim. How was it?

Blackvenom: Great night! Full metal feeling & evil in the air! Hail to NIFELHEIM!

KMC: There is three members in Flame (Pimeä, Blackvenom & Infernus) who are also playing in excellent Finnish Black / Thrash band Urn. Have you ever played shows where there is Flame and Urn sharing the same stage, same night?

Blackvenom: Yeah, we have done that, but Urn have only me playing there at that time. Our drummer and bassist left Urn earlier than me.

KMC: You also play in Adorior, A Death / Black Metal band from England. Pimeä and Infernus plays in Finnish Black Metal band Barathrum. How do you handle all the schedules with Flame when you have so many active bands?

Blackvenom: What?! You got some real old information from us mixed with new, haha!

KMC: Never trust the fucking internet....

Blackvenom: Pimeä and Infernus stop playing Urn over 10 years ago and with Barathrum 13 years ago. I was Urn member longest. Adorior won't do (or supposed not...) live shows anymore only studiochaos, so it's not that big deal for me to work with Adorior also! For me Adorior is a challenge as a guitarist and my brains another level of pure insanity, aaaaaaarrrggh!

KMC: Flame did a show in Helsinki at Black Curse Over Hellsinki Festival 2009, also featuring live performances by Satanic Warmaster, Enochian Crescent, Baptism, Impaled Nazarene etc. How did it go? How was the response?

Blackvenom: Evil night!!! Unfortunately most of the bands have shitty sounds but the feeling and audience was great!!!

Flame - Internal Wrath (Infernal Hate)
Black Curse Over Hellsinki Festival 2009

KMC: Flame is playing in Hammer Open Air Festival, held at Lieto, Finland. Will the set include new Flame songs?

Blackvenom: Old, some new ones and one suprise!


KMC: In your Myspace page it says you have a second full-length album called "March Into Firelands" coming out this autumn. Can you tell me something about it?
About the music etc.?

Blackvenom: We continuing the path we did on the first album, but there's much more brutal black/death feeling, more DARKER AND EVIL!!

KMC: How was the recording process?

Blackvenom: Everything went fine! We use more recording days than last time.

Any release dates planned for "March Into Firelands"?

Blackvenom: Not date but sometime early august this year.

KMC: How did you end up releasing "March Into Firelands" through Primitive Reaction?

Blackvenom: It was my decision to work with some finnish label. Primitive Reaction ask us years ago first time. Of course there was many other intresting us as well, but I like the way Primitive Reaction work with bands with loyal and professional way.

KMC: Will it be released as CD & LP, or only CD (or only LP)?

Blackvenom: Both CD & LP. They should come out (hopefully) same time also. So, those in vinyl not have to wait to end of the world to see vinyl out, haha!


KMC: What does anti-christianity - satanism mean to you?

Blackvenom: I think being anti-christian is just simple turn away from christinity, mocking & blasphemy! Satanism meaning is something more. Myself it is a channel to my darkest depths (beyond humanity), a ritualistic/symbolic journey thru this life, away from "false light" to get united with dark energy.

KMC: What is your opinion about Black Metal today?

Blackvenom: During it's existence raped many ways, mostly because of the media. Black Metal is extreme, dark & evil!! Most of nowadays "modern black metal" sound like gay hippies dance!!

KMC: What about nowadays Finnish Black Metal scene / bands?

Blackvenom: I'm mostly older bands still... Beherit comeback with "Engram" was very great!

KMC: Any Finnish bands you would like to salute?

Blackvenom: Latest my very favorite is LANTERN!

KMC: Any last words?

Blackvenom: EHT STROW SDROW! Beware second FLAME attack upcoming august!!! A.O.F.I.N.! Hail fuckin' Satan!!!

Flame - Arts of the Black Wisdom
(from the album 'Into The Age Of Fire' Iron Pegasus Records 2005)

Primitive Reaction: