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Valoton interview


When and how was Valoton born?

Valoton: (When) Valoton consists of several united paths, and to name a simple time for "forming" would degrade them. Depending on the path and the point of view, that time is from two decades to two years. To us Valoton is more than a simple band project; thus it is mandatory to see its existence through wider and deeper scope than just narrow timeline of names and titles. (How) read the next answer.

KMC: What drew Valoton into Black Metal?

Valoton: Satan. The force behind every true act of creation, undefiled art and knowledge. The one that drives men to forge the reflections of the Truth into material form, doing "What They Will", no matter how exhausted they are from the suffering in the profane world.

KMC: Where did the band name came up?

Valoton: Apologies for the dull answer, but the name just came up. And though the meaning and synchronicity of every word or symbol can be analyzed to great extent, all of those concerning this one have come after it was chosen. Thus they serve everyone better left to be figured for themself.

Valoton - Sancta Scientia
(from 'Beastificate' Hammer Of Hate 2010)

KMC: You don't want to reveal the lineup in Valoton, why is that?

Valoton: For several reasons, both practical and spiritual. Dedication to ideals of the Left Hand Path is not always accepted by modern laws and social requirements of man. It's not safe for every Satanist to speak his his/her mind out loud. As for spiritual part, anonymity doesn't weaken any Black Metal band, on the contrary. Words, chords, instruments, artists etc. are but tools used to decipher the immaterial core of Black Metal. While a valid presentation of certain characters forming the band may have its advantages on channelling the energy through the music, a conscious depersonalization makes it much easier for the listener to avoid the distractions such shallow characters possess. Naturally the greatest advantage comes to the artist due to the reduction of profane connection to personal pride and other "Chains of Flesh".

KMC: All i know that the session drummer in 'Beastificate' album is Tuomo Latvala, who is the drummer in Finnish Death Metal band Torture Killer. How did Tuomo Latvala end up playing session drums in 'Beastificate'?

Valoton: By chance and coincidence, like such things existed. Great talent and Will were also involved. We send our greetings to Tuomo, his work on Beastificate is flawless.

KMC: Your debut show will happen in The Darkness Festival II 02.09 in YO-Talo, Tampere. What can we expect from that show?

Valoton: Depends entirely on what attitude and ability "you" possess. We guarantee that the "show" is executed with honesty, nobility and devotion. It is up to you whether you receive a sanctifying ritual, an alcohol-infused mosh pit party or nothing worth of your time. Nothing true is gained without effort; those who mistake us for circus entertainers and expect we add something easy and enjoyable to their profane psychological gluttony, may well find themselves dissappointed. Indeed we do sacrifice ourselves for them, but will is required to understand this.

KMC: Will you play the whole album live in YO-Talo? Any new songs also?

Valoton: No.

KMC: Visitors?

Valoton: If the songs require. We leave the scene rockstar presentations to others.

KMC: Why did you choose to do that show, if you don't want to reveal the lineup in Valoton?

Valoton: Can't see any contradiction here. The fact that we don't emphasize individuals in the band doesn't mean we would be chained to personalities through negation. The lineup has no meaning, thus it is not mentioned; why should it prevent us playing live?


KMC: Hammer Of Hate released 'Beastificate' as a three CD special offer trilogy known as A.V.E. (Satana bundle forming the A.V.E. Satana trilogy), featured three CDs from bands Anguished, Valoton and Evangelivm. Have you heard Anguished and Evangelivm records? Opinions?

Valoton: Firstly, an apology for the dull answers in this section. The production and other physical or social aspects of our work is of little importance to us, at least at the moment. The constructions and arrangements made to create or spread the record, the response it gets from different individuals or parties, are only meaningful as they aid the record label for the hard work and sacrifices made for us.

Being part of A.V.E is an honor. Though very different in external aspects, all three bands represent the essence of Black Metal in similar way.

KMC: How did you end up in Hammer Of Hate records?

Valoton: By chance and coincidence, or then it was just meant to be that way. This union began to exist over the years, and it had nothing to do with deals, profits or business. Hammer of Hate is the only label for us. Like many respectable underground labels, it is dedicated to cause instead of money, but in addition HOH doesn't restrict its views on Black Metal by accepting only bands with certain external production or appearance.

Hammer of Hate deserves our deepest respect for the relisient work they do for us, Black Metal and Satan. It is something that few choose to do, as it takes everything but gives very little back. Such is the work of the Will.

KMC: Who is responsible for the artwork in 'Beastificate'?

Valoton: We are.

KMC: What about Valoton logo?

Valoton: We are.

KMC: How was 'Beastificate' recording sessions? Hard, easy, long...?

Valoton: We recorded everything ourselves excluding the durms. So we had all the time we needed, and recording sessions were calm and easy.

KMC: Can you reveal where the album was recorded?

Valoton: Drums were recorded in MSTR Studio, to propely capture the feeling Tuomo's skills unleashed. Everything else was recorded in a horse stable, in the middle of the woods of Southern Finland.

KMC: What is your own opinion about the record? Did it turn out the way you wanted?

Valoton: This is not really a matter of opinion, as record is always a still picture of the current cosmic flow, consisting of energies available at that time; thus if it is "ready", the things that to some might look like errors must become part of those energies. The record is never ready, the cosmic flow goes on. Yet the still has to be taken at some point, and that point always leaves something to hope for if you let it. So the answer is yes.

KMC: 'Beastificate' contains visitors: Molestor Kadotus (Anal Blasphemy, Musta Kappeli), Ikihorros (Musta Kappeli) and Johannes Nefastos. How did these people end up in 'Beastificate'?

Valoton: First, let us correct a common (yet understandable) misunderstanding: Johannes Nefastos does not perform on Beastificate. The text on the inlay is indeed misleading, the correct version would be: “Luciferin Kymmenen Käskyä” in “Jaws of Abaddon” written by Johannes Nefastos.

The reasons why individuals, visitors or not, are performing on Beastificate, are impossible to decipher, as stated in the first answer of this interview. All of those paths have lead to this, none more important than the other. Casting out the reasons that breed from material needs and desires, we have but followed what we feel is right.

Valoton - Musta Soihtu
(from 'Beastificate' Hammer Of Hate 2010)

KMC: There's only good and very good reviews made from 'Beastificate' and i personally agree with the reviews. 'Beastificate' is one HELL of a masterpiece. Has it come as suprise to you that the feedback has been so good?

Valoton: We are delighted by the positive response, as it gives Hammer of Hate the reward they well deserve.

Although one goal of creating Black Metal is to make records that might prove as important to someone as the ones that affected you most in your youth, we see positive feedback as one of the greatest challenges against the Will. Uplifting one's ego through positive responses, even subconsciously, is really easy, and will effectively cut you off from the essential core of Black Metal. Reviews and other opinions must be kept in the place they belong. They rarely serve the true purpose of Black Metal, being "the voice of the faceless mass". This is actually a false image in your mind reflecting your own psychological preferences. To let these distractrions affect your attitude towards your work, not to speak of starting to follow the imaginative demands emanating from them, will quite certainly prevent your next work from being a masterpiece. Regardless, we truly appreciate your high words.

KMC: My own personal favourite track in the album is 'Reborn In Flames'. Can you tell me what the song is about?

Valoton: It is "simply" about the point of beginning in the end, where the tail meets the head, where one turns to face the consequences of past life and the purification in eternal fire.

KMC: I read a review on 'Beastificate' and the author on the review compared your music to bands such as 1349, Setherial, Marduk, Katharsis, Dark Funeral and Infernal War. What is your opinion about that?

Valoton: Keeping the views handled in previous question concerning reviews and opinions in mind, the comparison to other bands is often very complimentary. The ones mentioned on this occasion craft the external form of their music extremely well and consist of talented musicians, yet their internal orientation varies quite a lot. This is a fine example to amplify the views discussed before, as it shows how media focuses on the external structures neglecting not only the lyrical and other formal means used to decipher transcendence, but the charge of immaterial energy itself, bound to the music through the intention. Molestor Kadotus compared quite aptly the structure of Black Metal song to the theosophical symbol of hexagram consisting of two triangles and the central symbol connecting them. Black triangle presenting the form, musical and lyrical performance and talent, white presenting the ideals and Satanic intention, both are needed to successfully enhance the connection to one's true Self and through it, Satan. Review's comparison to the bands mentioned is externally correct, and flattering. Is such comparison even possible when concentrating on internal issues is all different matter; it tells us a lot about how useful reviews and opinions are to the true purpose of Black Metal.

KMC: 'Beastificate' vinyl version coming?

Valoton: Yes.

KMC: Any plans for future releases?

Valoton: Very little at this point.

KMC: What about future shows?

Valoton: Second one will take place in Jyväskylä in October.


KMC: What does Black Metal mean to Valoton?

Valoton: A way to approach the sinister aspect of the absolute through musical expression.

KMC: What does Satanism mean to Valoton?

Valoton: We find Diane Vera's definion of a Satanist being "anyone whose worldview features a favorable interpretation of Satan" quite accurate to start with. For Valoton, focus is on the theistic form with theosophical ground, thus being aligned with the philosophy of the Star of Azazel.

KMC: Your opinion about Black Metal today?

Valoton: Now that the mainstream genre has been created, thoroughly commercialized and it has prospered, the contrast between entertainment and religious practice has become more evident to many. Due to this, those seeking Black Metal made with true intention have increased possibility of finding the right bands. On the other hand, those creating Black Metal, whether they are old or new in the scene, will find more interest for material crafted for religious purposes. The division of the genre is also affecting on the formal level; this is both unfortunate and understandable. It will take time for some who walk the Left Hand Path to fully accept well-produced, externally commercial-like but internally honest and devoted Black Metal.

In addition to this, the mental growth towards higher ideals and spiritual clensing results from dedication. In time, more bands will learn to aim higher, for example, to target their hatred against the things that deserve it, like decadence of the soul or weakness of the Will instead of flesh with different color or religious views. Naturally, the external form may appear as violent or degrading as imagination can produce; as long as the intention pays homage to the right ideals, there can be success.

KMC: If you had to name couple of your favourite BM albums made this year?

Valoton: Took the liberty to include albums made within the last year. To name three:
Enochian Crescent: NEF.VI.LIM
Anquished: Cold
Arvet: Ajna

KMC: Any last words?

Valoton: Thank you for the interview and good luck with KMC.


Valoton - Beastificate CD

Valoton - Beastificate TS

Valoton - Logo pin

A.V.E. - Satana bundle forming the A.V.E. Satana trilogy
* Features three CDs from bands Anguished, Valoton and Evangelivm *
- Valoton: Beastificate
- Anguished : Cold
- Evangelivm: Nightside of Eden


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Primordial, Alghazanth, Inquisition, Baptism... - Hammer Open Air, Lieto, Finland 15. - 16.07.2011

Hammer Open Air 15.07.2011







Inquisition - Desolate Funeral Chant
(Hammer Opean Air 15.07.2011)







Baptism - Morbid Wings Of Sathanas
(Hammer Open Air 15.07.2011)








Satanic Warmaster - Warmaster Returns
(Hammer Open Air 16.07.2011)

Merrimack - ???
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Autopsy - Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay
(Hammer Open Air 16.07.2011)