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Pure Evil interview


KMC: First of all. Can you tell me what Pure Evil is about? History?

Kryth: I started Pure Evil in late 2006 as a channel where I could use all the ideas I had in my head. I had always wanted to make death metal, but hadn’t had the opportunity to make anything into reality before. Also I was starting to derive song writing-wise from the way we wanted to do things in Korgonthurus and it was finally time to start a “band” of my own.

KMC: Where does the name 'Pure Evil' come?

Kryth: I tried for a long time to think of a name that would say everything about the music I would make and Pure Evil was chosen after many others were discarded.

KMC: Will Pure Evil be a one band in the future? Forever?

Kryth: Never say never, or forever, but I’m quite damn sure that there won’t be any new permanent members in Pure Evil. I will at some point find a session drummer to record an album that was written back in 2006. I don’t have the drumming skills needed to play the songs, I can’t record it without a drummer who knows what to do behind the kit.

Other than that, I’ll continue on my own. I have zero needs in bringing other people along, other than to help with some small things. Like the solo in Chapter III’s Hypocrisy cover.

Pure Evil - Luuta ja nahkaa
(taken from '
Chapter II: Sacrifice' Satanic Propaganda Records 2007)

KMC: Have Pure Evil ever played live? If not, will you ever play live?

Never has and never will.

KMC: Is there any musical acts that have inspired you when you began to write songs for Pure Evil?

There are too many to mention just a few. I draw influences from everything. Not only music, as I can find a very simple sound very inspiring.

KMC: What about the lyrical side. What are Pure Evil's songs about?

Kryth: Chapters I-III have dealt about my own views on life. Chapters I & II were concentrated more on the primal need to humiliate human dignity and praise the ugly sides of life as I see them, but Chapter III is very personal and every lyric shed light to what I am and what I wish to be.

KMC: Who's responsible for the Pure Evil logo?

Kryth: It was done by Shadowolf of Unholy Art Designs.

KMC: In your MySpace page it says "Pure Evil's music will always evolve and is not meant to stay stale and restricted to only one, or few types of expressions". Does this mean that future Pure Evil releases could be something other than metal, or will metal always a part of Pure Evils music?

Kryth: I won’t say that every Pure Evil release will be totally different, but most will sound nothing like the other. Pure Evil is a channel to express myself and do what ever I want to. Probably not all will be metal, but not any will be pop either. There are many dark ways to make music than only metal, or music.


KMC: Pure Evil's first demo 'Chapter I: Blood' was released 2007 through Blood & Soil Productions. How do you feel about the release today? Was it a good / right beginning for Pure Evil?

Kryth: It was a great beginning, although the release was supposed to be a full length. I was recovering from a wrist injury and the drum recordings were a total disaster.

KMC: Blood & Soil Productions seems to be a very small record company? Only C-Cassette & CD-r releases? Was the first demo a very limited edition release?

Kryth: At first it hadn’t any limitations, but I’ve recently decided to stop selling it after I run out of the copies I have made at the moment. There are still some left and it will be limited to 80 copies.

KMC: 'Chapter II: Sacrifice' is Pure Evil's first full-lengtt, released by Swedish record label known as Satanic Propaganda (also released albums from Beastcraft, Kill, Hell Militia among others). This was the first time when there was a couple of Finnish songs featured in the album known as 'Luuta ja Nahkaa' & 'Malja Saatanalle'. What inspired you to do songs in Finnish too?

Kryth: Those two Finnish lyrics fitted the best to the album’s concept. I actually prefer Finnish over English, but some lyrics just simply don’t work in Finnish. When I started writing lyrics for Pure Evil they just came out in English, but now I’ve concentrated on Finnish lyrics again.

KMC: Is the label Satanic Propaganda still active? There's no proper info in the internet (i don't trust in forum sites).

Kryth: To my knowledge SPR stopped its activities some years ago. Haven’t been in contact with Andreas, so don’t know about the reasons.

KMC: How was the feedback for your debut album?

Kryth: Don’t remember seeing reviews of it that much. It’s a horrible album, so it’s just better not to know how much people hate it, haha!

KMC: After the debut, Pure Evil did a split ep with Anal Blasphemy called 'Pure Blasphemy', released by Hammer Of Hate. Where did the idea came to do a split release with Anal Blasphemy?

Kryth: I and Molestor Kadotus thought that it would be an appropriate collaboration. I’m a big fan of Anal Blasphemy and it was an honour to do the split release.

Pure Evil - Mustan Valon Tie
(taken from '
Chapter III: Dedication' Hammer Of Hate 2009)

KMC: After the split ep, Pure Evil's second full lenght 'Chapter III: Dedication ' was released, also through Hammer Of Hate. Has the label been the right label for Pure Evil?

Kryth: They do great work and are very dedicated in running the label the best way possible! I can’t complain about anything as they’ve helped me out so much. I’m in eternal gratitude to them!

KMC: How do you feel about the album yourself?

Kryth: It’s the album I’ve always wanted to make and I’m totally satisfied with everything about it, except for the drums production, which is quite messed up. The album has elements from the course of my life and it’s sort of a “best of” of what I’d want to listen myself.

KMC: How was the recording process for 'Chapter III: Dedication'?

Kryth: It was a long and at times a very frustrating experience. From the drum recordings to the final mixing it took me over a year and a half to complete. The drum recordings were done the wrong way, I had recording equipment failures and my guitar broke in the middle of the recordings, but I still managed to get everything sorted out and triumphed! The album sounds perfect considering my knowledge of recording and mixing when I began the project.

KMC: I noticed that you mixed the album? Do you have any mixing backround / history?

Kryth: I’ve only mixed my own bands. The first one I did was the Korgonthurus ep in 2005 and after that a few others besides the Pure Evil releases. I don’t think I’m very good, but mostly I’m satisfied with the work I make.

KMC: Have you mixed all the Pure Evil albums?

Kryth: Yes and as long as I’m satisfied with my work I’ll continue doing everything alone. The only part I’ve had outside help with the production was with mastering.

KMC: Is there any albums you would like to share with us that has that ideal sound you mostly prefer?

Kryth: Again, just too many to name just a few. And the production depends totally on moods. Some excellently produced albums sound just wrong when something raw is needed and vice versa.

KMC: In 'Chapter III: Dedication' album there is a Hypocrisy cover 'Impotent God' (gotta love the song title). Are you a big Hypocrisy fan?

Kryth: Yes, I’ve been a fan for well over 10 years now and it was about time to pay tribute to them. I re-entered the studio a week later after the initial drum recording sessions and recorded Impotent god.


Chapter I: Blood Demo, 2007
Chapter II: Sacrifice Full-length, 2007
Pure Blasphemy Split, 2009
Chapter III: Dedication Full-length, 2009


Kryth - All Instruments, Vocals (Musta Kappeli, Korgonthurus, Pure Evil, Wolfthrone)


KMC: In your MySpace blog it says that Pure Evil's next album 'Chapter IV' should be ready for summer. Is it?

Kryth: Drums and rhythm guitars were recorded in spring/summer, but the recording sessions are on hold at the moment due to total lack of time. It’ll be out when it’s released.

And just to avoid misconceptions. “Chapter IV” is only the working title for the album, as I haven’t picked a name for it yet and it won’t continue the “Chapter trilogy.”

KMC: Can you reveal any details about the music in the upcoming album?

Kryth: All I’ll say about it is that it will be something totally different than what I’ve done before with Pure Evil.

KMC: Will it be released by Hammer Of Hate or other label?

Kryth: Time will tell. Details will be clearer when the album is finished.

KMC: Will Pure Evil's future releases be also known as 'chapters'?

Kryth: I might do one more Chapter, but for now, no. I’ll continue with something totally different at least for a while.


KMC: What does Black Metal mean to you?

Kryth: Black metal is an instrument for worship. A way to express your views and dedication.

KMC: What do you think about Black Metal in these days? Music and the scene?

Kryth: I’m getting so fucking sick and tired of all this emo-post-“black”metal shit, that’s the hottest thing around now! There are just simply too many bands around these days that I’ve lost most of my interest in keeping up to date with the “scene.”

KMC: What about Death Metal? What is Death Metal to you?

Kryth: Death metal is mostly only music. Nowdays death metal is mostly just to show how amazingly well you can play your instrument. I do enjoy many new mathdeath and brutal death metal bands, but am not interested in their views, as they’re usually about political correctness, vegetarianism, or just meaningless gore.

KMC: Any Finnish bands you would like to salute?

Kryth: Terveisiä Anal Blasphemylle.

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"Merciless, blackened Satanic Death Metal from PURE EVIL as this second full-lenght brings forth the monument of Dedication to Satan and His path of the Black Flame. The worship varies from fast blasting to slow/mid-tempo parts with lyrics both in English and Finnish. For fans of the old creations of DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL and HYPOCRISY, for those who want their death metal Satanic, malicious and pure evil! Includes also a Hypocrisy cover track."