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Förgjord interview

This is my first interview in this blog and it is with Valgrinder from Förgjord. I bought their LP 'Ajasta Ikuisuuteen' couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. After that i had an idea to start a blog about BM / DM metal (salute to Wrath for the inspiration!), but as you can see, i have used interviews done by others, but from now on, all Finnish BM / DM interviews will be done by me. I will also try to do interviews with bands from outside Finland, but it's not so easy and sometimes a language barrier is the main problem, but let's see.. Much thanks to Valgrinder for this interview. (KMC)


KMC: First of all... i know this is a boring question, but can you tell me about Förgjord, history etc.?

Valgrinder: It all began somewhere in 1995 or 1996. First there were three members; Prokrustes Thanatos (vox) (Njafrar), Hypnos (drums) and Fullmoon (bass), but soon i (Valgrinder) (Bestial Devastation (Fin), Gaurithoth, Njafrar, Pimeys) joined as guitarist. Nothing really important happened until few years later when we kicked drummer and bass player and that was best thing that happened in bands history. One must destroy to create something new. Now band was just two members but still more complete than ever before. As the mark of new era, the name Förgjord was chosen.

Förgjord isn't just "band", but more like way to express ourselves. It's also mark of our brotherhood. You know, band members and friends comes and goes but true brotherhood will last forever. There is very long breaks when we don't create anything, but when inspiration strikes, we are ready to war. When there isn't any schedules we are free to create whatever we like whenever we like.

KMC: Has Förgjord ever played live? if no, will you ever play live?

Valgrinder: No, we haven't played live and some times ago i was sure that we won't ever play live. I don't like the idea that i have to use session musicians, not even if they would be our closest comrades. But seems like there's some people who would like to see us live and we've got some really interesting offers. So maybe someday we will do just one gig.

Personally i don't like to go to gigs, not to see other people nor see the bands. Don' t know why, but i dont need to see anymore metalheads or scenesters. I know who my allies are and that's all i need.

Förgjord - Korpilaki
(taken from 'Fratres Militiae Inferi' Demo self-released 2001, also in 'Henkeen Ja Vereen' Compilation Hammer of Hate 2006)

KMC: Where does Förgjord found it source to inspiration?

Valgrinder: Don't know, most likely it comes from finnish nature; thousands lakes and deep forests. That's maybe clishee, but what the hell. When i was younger i was more anti-something but nowadays i see that i'm more pro-something-something. Of course i'm same person that i was more than 10 years ago and feel same hatred and anger that i felt then, but during these years i have evolved so i can respect and love my culture, heritage and closest ones. I'ts good that theres some things that you're ready to die for. So that also gives more wider aspect to think.

But also hatred, anger, antichristianity and death are where our dreams are made of. They are part of finnish culture too, even if they aren't so "national romantic" themes.

Still i dont take "inspirations" intentionally. Often these words just start to flow inside of me, all i need is just moment in darkness with myself. Don't know how Prokrustes creates his art, but i know they are very personal. So i think that it's his inner self where those visions comes from.

KMC: What is the next step for Förgjord?

Valgrinder: Big wheel is turning again, so we have started to record new material. So expect more darkness, death and madness.


KMC: I must say that 'Ajasta Ikuisuuteen' is a great piece of work. How do you feel about the album yourself? Did the album turn out the way you want it to?

Valgrinder: We used four-tracker for that record, so of course there's some things that were meant to sound different. But i think that we won more than lost when using that old piece of shit. After recording the album it took some weeks until i could listen it again. I mean, couple years i've been playing with those riffs, though about compositions, finally recording and mixing and mastering, so i could say i gave everything i could. So when it was finally done, i was so full that i easily could have smash master tape. But time does heal and like i said, after some weeks i could listen it as outsider. When one sees/hears something too closely, it makes him blind/deaf.

But now i know that we made everything right. Ajasta Ikuisuuteen sounds like honest Finnish black metal, it represents us perfectly.

KMC: In the LP version there is a 'side Aika' and 'side Ikuisuus'. What is the stroy behind that?

Valgrinder: "Ajasta Ikuisuuteen" ("From time to eternity") means that when our time is complete, we start to move closer to eternity. That time starts when we born and ends when we die, after that starts eternity. So that LP starts from side "Aika" ("time") and it ends to side "Ikuisuus" ("Eternity"). So one could say that LP should be played from start to neverending end.

Förgjord - Kristuksen malja, ruumis ja veri
(taken from the album "Ajasta Ikuisuuteen" Hammer of Hate 2008)

KMC: What is the lyrical path of Ajasta Ikuisuuteen creation?

Valgrinder: There isn't any big storyline or concept. Those lyrics are made to stand on their own. But although me and Prokrustes write lyrics independently, still they seem to follow the same line.

KMC: I have not heard the CD version, but in the LP version it says that "vinyl mastered by...". Has the CD version got different kind of mastering?

Valgrinder: That LP's master is first time when any outsider have touched our music. Until that we have recorded, mixed and mastered our stuff ourselves. But my way of mastering is quite unnatural. One could even say that it's "wrongly mastered, too loud, no dynamics, too compressed" etc and if you listen our CDs, you know what I mean. But when time came to release LP we though that we have to get another master that fits for vinyl. Don't remember how we found Dan and his studio, but he did a great job. So there's big difference between "Ajasta Ikuisuuteen" CD and vinyl version. One is more dynamic & warm and one will make your ears bleed.

KMC: There is two members playing in 'Ajasta Ikuisuuteen' record (also in Förgjord / Musta Kappeli Split - Uskon Kuolema'). Will the Förgjord line-up be same in the future releases or are you considering taking more members in the band?

Valgrinder: More likely we will start to use some session members. In matter of fact, we already recorded three new tracks with session drummer but don't know if we ever use those ones. As i stated before, Förgjord isn't about playing or "being in band", it's Fratres Militiae Inferi, warbrothers of hell. But maybe we have to do some compromises and start to use session members. But i promise i will lead them like tyranny, they will be nothing but instruments of our vision.

Förgjord discography
Fratres Militiae Inferi Demo, 2001
Tie, Totuus & Kuolema Demo, 2002
Henkeen Ja Vereen Best of/Compilation, 2006
Ajasta Ikuisuuteen Full-length, 2008
Uskon Kuolema Split, 2009


KMC: Förgjord did two demos before Hammer of Hate released 'Henkeen Ja Vereen' (Best of/Compilation). After that Hammer of Hate released 'Ajasta Ikuisuuteen' and 'Förgjord / Musta Kappeli Split - Uskon Kuolemaa'. How did you end up releasing all your releases (except demos) through Hammer of Hate ?

Valgrinder: We had some bad expreriences with some demo labels before that. So it seemed that we were only ones who believed in Förgjord. So finally we though that it's time to do our swan song and we gathered promo package with some of our songs. We sent that promo to some Finnish labels and soon Hammer of Hate contacted us and after some talks they offered us a deal. They showed us true support and breath some life to dying band.

KMC: Will Hammer of Hate release the next Förgjord release also?

Valgrinder: Yes, and were honoured to work with them.

KMC: What do you think about the label itself?

Valgrinder: I haven't ever met so dedicated label than Hammer of Hate . They have given us everything we have ever asked but still they don't demand anything from us. But of course we will give them what we can, that's what co-operation is all about. In matter of fact, I don't think that there could be Förgjord anymore without Hammer of Hate and Molestors support.

Förgjord - Itseensä kahlittu
(taken from the album "Ajasta Ikuisuuteen" Hammer of Hate 2008)


KMC: What does Satanism mean to Förgjord?

Valgrinder: For me satanism is antichristianity. It's about strong ones over the weaks, not turning the other cheek and honesty to oneself.

KMC: What does Black Metal mean to Förgjord?

Valgrinder: Instrument to express antichistianity.

KMC: What do you think about the Black Metal scene in Finland today?

Valgrinder: Here's great bands, great labels, great individuals but also great backstabbers.

KMC: Any BM bands you would like to salute?

Valgrinder: Hails to our comrades from Nekrokrist SS!

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Förgjord: Ajasta Ikuisuuteen out now on Hammer of Hate.
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