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Belketre belongs to the French circle of musicians/bands known as the LLN (Les Legions Noires) along with Mütiilation, Torgeist, Vlad Tepes (Fra) and Brenoritvrezorkre.. Formed around 1989 under the name of Chapel of Ghouls the name was changed in '91 to Zelda, then finally in '92 became Belketre. As well as Belketre both members, Aakon Keetreh and Avaethre, took part in many other projects with other LLN members. They also had solo projects most notable of these being Keetrehs self titled project Aakon Keetreh and Avaethres project, (under the name of Vordb Dreagvor Uezreevb), Moevot.

After releasing Petrified 'zine #3 Vlad Tepes/Belketre threatened to kill Jon/FMP because he listed their address and reviewed their material in the magazine. Jon promised The Black Legions if they step foot on his property they would go home in body bags. The Black Legions/FMP feud continued in the second issue of "KILL YOURSELF MAGAZINE" from Finland. They never communicated with each other ever since. Source: FMP.

Aäkon Këëtrëh (Dzlvarv, Torgeist)
Vordb Dréagvor Uèzréèvb (aka Avaëthre) (Black Murder, Brenoritvrezorkre, Dzlvarv, Moëvöt, Susvourtre, Torgeist, Vzaeurvbtre, Zelda, Dvnaèbkre, Chambre Noir)

Belketre - Twilight Of The Black Holocaust
(taken the Demo, Independent 1994)

* Studio Tracks 1993 Demo, 1993
* The Dark Promise Demo, 1994
* Twilight of the Black Holocaust (Studio Tracks 1994) Demo, 1994
* March to the Black Holocaust Split, 1995
* Ambre Zuerkl Vuordhrevarhtre Demo, 1996

Belketre interview from Black Plague
(click the picture for better view)

Belketre - A Day Will Dawn
(taken from 'Belketre / Vlad Tepes - Split - March to the Black Holocaust' Embassy Productions 1995)

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Belketre - Guilty
(taken from 'Belketre / Vlad Tepes - Split - March to the Black Holocaust' Embassy Productions 1995)