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Satanic Storm (Fin BM) 2010

KMC recommends
Fin BM albums, ep's, songs 2010

Enochian Crescent - Golgotha

(Taken from: NEF.VI.LIM (ep) Woodcut Records 2010)

Clandestine Blaze - Call Of The Warrior
Taken from: Falling Monuments Northern Heritage 2010)

Satanic Warmaster - Vampires
(Taken from: Nachzehrer Werewolf Records / Northern Heritage 2010)

Valoton - Sancta Scientia
(Taken from: Beastificate Hammer Of Hate 2010)

Sargeist - Let The Devil In
(Taken from: Let The Devil In Moribund Records 2010)

Anguished - Come To Me Satan
(Taken from: Cold Hammer Of Hate 2010)

Jumalhämärä - Storm is Coming / Haul
(Taken from: Resignaatio Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions 2010)

Anal Blasphemy - Foul Stench From The Crypt Of Jesus
(Taken from: Profane Fornication Ejaculation Hammer Of Hate 2010)

Diaboli - Utopian Vision
(Taken from: Invocation Northern Heritage 2010)

Vitsaus - Kaste
(Taken from: Sielunmessu Hammer Of Hate 2010)

Cavus - Fist Of A Titan
(Taken from: Fester and Putrefy Listenable Records 2010)

Black Priest Of Satan - Left Hand Path Manifesto
(Taken from: We, As Shadows Of Satan (ep) BPOS recordings 2010)

Necroslut - Ritual Storming Dawn
(Taken from: Black Deceiver Hammer Of Hate 2010)

Musta Kappeli - Rukous Pimeyteen
(Taken from: Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon Primitive Reaction 2010)

Epäkristus - When The Filth Ashores
(Taken from: Barathrum / Epäkristus - Unholy Conspiracy Split
Primitive Reaction 2010)

Baptism - Chalice of Death 7"
Northern Heritage 2010)

Korgonthurus - Tapa Itsesi 7"
(Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2010)

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Anguished interview


KMC: When and how did Anguished begin?

Possessed Demoness: Anguished was born two years ago when I decided to do something for real. I had songs ready and so I started to find out how to record and release an album and so on. Things went well and I'm very satisfied to myself now. Music is the most important thing in my life and it's fucking awesome that now I have finally done something, an album.

KMC: What drew you to Black Metal?

Possessed Demoness: First the atmosphere in the music, later the lifestyle. Satan. Misanthropy. BM came and stayed.

KMC: Is there any musical band/artist that have inspired you?

Possessed Demoness: I wanted to do something different like every band, but I think that I succeed in that. Burzum is my all time favorite, but it wasn't any band that inspired me. Things that I carry inside have inspired enough.

Anguished - Come To Me Satan
(from 'Cold' Hammer Of Hate 2010)

KMC: What do you think of Female Black Metal acts like Gallhammer, Astarte, Meloncolia Estatica...etc.?

Possessed Demoness: I haven't really listen, but it's always cool when women have enough self-confidence to step up and publish an album. Is it really so that women can't play or do BM. Why there are so rare... Well it's quite rare to even find a women who likes BM, so that's probably one reason.

KMC: Why did you decide to make Anguished a one woman project?

Possessed Demoness: Simply because no one didn't believe that I can do music or even play any instrument, so I was left alone. But I didn't give a fuck. I wanted to make this album, supported or not. Fuck the prejudices.

KMC: Anguished playing live with session members...never..or maybe in the future?

Possessed Demoness: Hopefully. It's still really hard to find a band who would play with me, 'cause everyone is so afraid of their image or something. Playing with a girl!! OH NO!!! But luckily there are many people who appreciate Anguished and hopefully people can get over with the women thing soon.

KMC: What does Anguished mean? What does the name mean to you personally?

Possessed Demoness: Anguished, distressed... Life is anguished. I am anguished. There wasn't any alternative name for the band.


KMC: Anguished debut album 'Cold' was released Novermber 2010 through Hammer Of Hate. Did you find the the label or did the label found you? How did it happen?

Possessed Demoness: I recorded the album and when it was ready, I sent few e-mails to some labels and Hammer Of Hate was interested. I liked Molestor Kadotus and I'm very satisfied that they wanted to release my album and that label is the one I really wanted to publish Cold. Hail Molestor!

KMC: About the recording sessions... 'Cold' was recorded in Nifhel Studio. Where is that?

Possessed Demoness: It's my friends studio (Niflhel from Azaghal) and I asked if he could help me. When he heard the song, he was excited and so we started recordings. It was fun and I think we both enjoyed it! I think that my next album will be recorded there too.

KMC: How was the recording sessions?

Possessed Demoness: Well.... heh. It's sad we didn't make that studio diary like we first planned. That would have been very disturbed and surprising video diary =). Recording session includes many weird and funny stories. For example, I cut my hand so badly during the recording that I had to go to hospital and my hand was operated. I almost lost few fingers! One bass expired very violent behaving and of course, alcohol was sometimes included. But I was sober when I played, I promise!

KMC: 'Cold' includes a session drummer known as Mental Penetrator. How did Mental Penetrator end up in the album?

Possessed Demoness: He is mentally ill enough and I advantage that and he didn't care was I women or not. He is one of my closest friends too. Maybe that was something to do it too why he is my session drummer.

KMC: Who really is Mental Penetrator...secret?

Possessed Demoness: Disturbed, mentally ill man who knows all MY secrets! Best dude ever.

KMC: I love your vocals in the album. Do you have some kind of secret vocal technique or do you just sound like that when you start to scream?

Possessed Demoness: Thx! I tried some different voices, but this one came naturally and sound fucking possessed so it fitted me the best. No mysterious techniques.

Anguished - These Gray Days
(from 'Cold' Hammer Of Hate 2010)

KMC: 'Cold' features pretty much suicidal oriented lyrics...why is that? Do you see your life as a suicidal triangle?

Possessed Demoness: I am very suicidal person so it's naturally to write lyrics about it. Life isn't perfect for anyone and I enjoy my misery. Depressing thoughts belongs to my personality.

KMC: Molestor Kadotus is responssible for many excellent cover arts made in finnish BM albums and he is also responssible for 'Cold' cover art. Why did you choose Molestor Kadotus to do the layout?

Possessed Demoness: Actually we did it kind of together. I sent him pictures and ideas and he choose the best of them and put them together. I don't have any experience of doing layouts and he offered his help. Our thoughts was very similar how the cover should look like.

KMC: No arse kissing, but i must say that 'Cold' is one the best Finnish BM albums made in 2010. What is your own opinion about the album? Did it turn out the way you want it to?

Possessed Demoness: Nice! I think the album is different and you just love it or hate it. Album sounds just the way I wanted it to sound.

KMC: Is there any Anguished t-shirts coming or maybe a 'Cold' vinyl version?

Possessed Demoness: Next year Hammer Of Hate will release T-shirts and there might be a vinyl too, but no guarantees from that.

KMC: What is the next step for Anguished? New recordings?

Possessed Demoness: I'd like to do some live performances.... But don't know when or with who. So that isn't gonna happen very near future. I think I will make a new album next year. But that is only a thought still.


KMC: What does Black Metal mean to you?

Possessed Demoness: It is a way of living. Lifestyle. It's in my everyday life like dressing, thinking, existing, worshiping Satan.

KMC: What is your opinion about Black Metal today?

Possessed Demoness: I'm fucking bored of this question! New BM bands are mostly shit whit their crystal clear sounds and these superband projects and so on. But luckily some have stayed devoted.

KMC: What does Satanism mean to you?

Possessed Demoness: I worship Satan. It means that I despite christians, jews, islams and every hypocrite religions in earth.

KMC: If you had to name couple of your favourite BM albums made this year, what would they be?

Possessed Demoness: Newest Burzum and Valoton.

KMC: Thank you for the inteview.

Possessed Demoness: Thanks. Hail Satan.

Anguished Myspace
Anguished - Cold CD
Hammer Of Hate 2010
order here: www.hammer-of-hate.com/shop

“Cold cuts you deep with razors of melancholy and hateful despair! Possessed Demoness, the tortured soul of Anguished, creates and performs hymns of this Finnish one woman howl with a very unique touch! The songs are full of suicidal despair and sadness but Anguished also shows a side of worshipping Satan with devoted words of dedication to the bleak darkness. As Possessed Demoness handles all instruments with the help of a session drummer she also performs the lyrics with soul piercing shrieks reminding of the early Cradle of Filth high-pitched screams! This is the debut release of Anguished and proofs the bands strenght and interesting approach on Finnish Black Metal!”