torstai 1. joulukuuta 2011

Loputon Gehennan Liekki

Finland has gained international recognition as the home country of some of the most skilled and highly acclaimed black metal groups and artists in the world. This documentary tells the story of this subcultural movement in the artists’ own words, also providing the audience with a candid look inside something known as the Finnish black metal lifestyle.

Director: Sami Kettunen
Shooting: Jali Sirkiä, Petri Koivunen
Editing: Jani Metsälä
Cast: Lord Satanachia, Victor Floghdraki, Molestor, Drakh Wrath, Nuclear Holocausto, Satanic Tyrant Werwolf, Shatraug, Demonos Sova, Mikko A., Blackgoat, Serpent, Kaosbringer, Johannes Nefastos, Stormheit, Spellgoth, Kalma / Narqath, Tuomas Karhumäki.

KMC: What are your thoughts on the documentary?

Mikko Aspa (Clandestine Blaze, Grunt, Northern Heritage)
I think the document is quite accurate depiction of Finnish Black Metal. I'm very glad it did not attempt to create unnecessary "mystery" or clean up the rough characters to be more "credible" in eyes of some viewers. It shows both, the seriousness as well as relatively amusing reality of stubborn drunkards beyond reason. Even if document lacks many important figures of both past and present, it has enough of diversity created by those who were included.
I also appreciated very much that document really is just people talking. There is no narration of director, there is no extensive history lessons or "storyline". It's like random flashes from here and there. It doesn't attempt to shock or provoke that much and it doesn't attempt to put people in artificial poses what would simply degrade the essence of black metal. It would have been foolish to start building evil studio set ups or film forest hiking trips for sake on entertaining the audience or sucking up trivial bm aesthetic. This "talking heads" approach underlines the fact that a lot of real black metal happens exclusively on solitary process. It can be discussed without losing intrinsic value. To make it show created to audience would potentially corrupt it. Therefore I would congratulate director for having eye and understanding how to treat subject matter properly!

Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance (Beherit)
At first, I thought it was just a little school project when asked to participate on it. I was in a dog park with Bentley when the interview was made. On my insert, you can hear barks and panting in background noise. Hahaha! Anyway, I saw the final work in last week's Night Visions 2011 festivals in Helsinki and think the documentation of our history was well done job to represent the black metal scene in Finland today. Some vital persons are missing from the movie, but overall the documentary is well worth to check out for anybody interested to know more about finnish B/M scene... in Suomi style. Kukkahattu blinds are innocent. Shemhamforhash.

Molestor Kadotus (Anal Blasphemy, Musta Kappeli, Hammer Of Hate)
I was very satisfied how the document turned out and I really enjoyed watching it through. The "cast" in it is extensive as there are people from the old scene as well as newer influential people, also persons not only from bands but also labels and from the field of the philophy behind Black Metal. Only downside I could mention maybe is that the document is so short and thus only a scratch on the surface but it's a solid package and portraits the Finnish scene as it is in the most honest way, both in good and bad. I like how the document works well without narration or explaining of any sort and the story progresses from topic to another fluently just via the interviews. This could be boring but the way there are pictures, live clips etc. in between makes the document more "living" and interesting to watch. I salute the director of the documentary not only for making such an effort to create this excellent peek on the Finnish scene to be presented to the world but also handling so professionally the media pressure and representing "us" so well in public. I doubt that this could've been done better considering all aspects.

Demonos Sova (Barathrum)

Drinks and Black Metal!
Alcoholic Coma!
Eternal Blasphemy and Hate!

WATCH Loputon Gehennan Liekki documentary:

* Turku, Finland , 03.12. Puutarhakadun Auditorio, klo.18:00
* Lahti, Finland, 17.12. Kino Iiris, klo.16:00