tiistai 13. joulukuuta 2011

Satanic Storm (Fin BM) 2011

KMC recommends
Fin BM albums, ep's, songs 2011

Horna - Mustan Sydämeni Laulu ja Herramme Viha (Edit)
(Taken from 'Adventus Satanae EP' World Terror Committee 2011)

Sacrilegious Impalement - Blessed to Resist
(Taken from 'II Exalted Spectres' Hammer Of Hate 2011)

Charnel Winds - The Spear And The Crocodile
(Taken from 'Der Teufelsbund' Werewolf Records 2011)

Desolate Shrine - The Smell Of Blood And Iron
(Taken from 'Tenebrous Towers' Hammer Of Hate 2011)

Goatmoon - Noidan verestä männikkö herää
(Taken from 'Varjot' Werewolf Records 2011)

Satanic Warmaster - Winter's Hunger
(Taken from 'Winter's Hunger / Torches' 7" Northern Heritage 2011)

Ride For Revenge - From Darkness We Ride
(Taken from 'Under The Eye' Kvlt & Bestial Burst 2011)

Anal Blasphemy - Sermons of a Sodomite
(Taken from 'Sermons of a Sodomite EP' Hammer Of Hate 2011)

Sargeist - Crimson Wine
(Taken from 'Sargeist / Drowning the Light - Split' Moribund Records 2011)

Archgoat - Penetrator of the Second Temple
(Taken from 'Heavenly Vulva Christ's Last Rites' Debemur Morti Productions 2011)

Flame - Black Realm Of Satanas
(Taken from 'March Into Firelands' Primitive Reaction 2011)

Kadotus - Triangle Of Consecration
(Taken from 'Vaienneet Temppelit Werewolf Records 2011)

Nekrokrist SS - Path of Depression
(Taken from 'Nattfog & Nekrokrist SS - Split' Primitive Reaction 2011)

The True Werwolf - My Journeys Under The Battlemoon
(Taken from 'Battlemoon EP' Satanic Skinhead Propaganda 2011)