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Blackdeath is a BM band from Russia with a distinctly primitive, militant and raw sound with a bestial and howling vocal delivery which provides an intensity lacking elsewhere in music of any kind. Formerly known as Draugwath and later Black Draugwath.

Blackdeath - Sun Is Setting In The North
(from the Split EP 'Bloodhammer / Blackdeath' Breath of Pestilence 2004)

Para Bellum (Dmitriy Popov) - Bass, Vocals (1998- ) (Draugwath, Black Draugwath, Cthulhu Biomechanical)
Abysslooker (Denis Popov) - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (1998- ) (Draugwath, Black Draugwath, Cthulhu Biomechanical)
(past members)
P.Ch.14 (2007)
Krieger (2006-2007)
Doommaker (2006-2007) (Guaho)
Maya - Drums (2007- ) (Ereth, Ulvdalir)

Promo' 98 Demo, 1998
Grave of the Light EP, 2001
Saturn Sector Full-length, 2001
Fucking Fullmoon Foundation Full-length, 2002
Bottomless Armageddon Full-length, 2003
Bloodhammer / Blackdeath Split, 2004
Mortifera / Blackdeath Split, 2004
Satan macht frei Full-length, 2004
Horna / Blackdeath Split, 2005
Portrait in Scars Split, 2005
Black Metal Fest DVD, 2006
Fanatical EP, 2006
Vortex Full-length, 2008
Chronicles of Hellish Circles Best of/Compilation, 2009

Blackdeath - Der Kalte Heiligenschein
(from the album 'Vortex' Omega Recordings 2008)
(re-released in 2009 on LP limited to 250 copies by Northern Heritage Records).

(taken from Northern Heritage zine)

Encyclopaedia Metallum:

Blackdeath- Stolz Der Falschen Engel, Live at Relax, 23.01.09 a.b.