maanantai 4. lokakuuta 2010

Downloads: True Black Dawn - War Against Christians (Demo) 1993

First of all.. I don't like downloading music (+ i don't like music streaming services for example Spotify). Why? I like my records as records, not as files. But.. There's a lot of limited edition sold out BM c-casette demo releases not availabe anymore. Most BM demo releases i would like to own, were sold out back in the days. So, only place to hear them, and yes, fucking downloading them, is the internet. So, i decided i will add some selected download links in these pages. The download links will feature my selection of my favourite BM demo releases, but ALWAYS WITH A PERMISSION FROM A BAND. And i mean, always. This time my choice is a demo from a Finnish band called True Black Dawn. Demo is called War Against Christians, self-released in 1993.

War Against Christians (Demo), 1993

2.Eläköön Saatana!
4.Forever Rotting Nazarene
5.Whore of the Night
6.In Manus Tuas Satanas

Line-up: Cindergrin - vocals, Tero Perasto - guitar, Marko Männikkö - guitar, Jussi Pasala - bass, Jani Martikkala - drums

True Black Dawn 1998

True Black Dawn Discography:
-Hymn To Darkness (Demo), 1992
- War Against Christians (Demo), 1993
- Dead Metal (Demo),1996
- Blood for Satan (Demo), 1998
- Blood for Satan (Full-length,), 2001
- O.B.C (Full-length Split), 2005