keskiviikko 28. heinäkuuta 2010

Video Picks (part II)

Anal Blasphemy - Hail the Serpent of Eden (official video)
(taken from the album 'Profane Fornication Ejaculation' Hammer Of Hate 2010)

Cavus - Death Rattle (official video)
(taken from the album 'Fester and Putrefy' Listenable Records 2010)

Enochian Crescent - Tango Absinto (live)
(live at Simerock, Rovaniemi, Finland 17.07.2010)

Barathrum - Last Day In Heaven (live)
(Black Curse Over Helsinki II, Gloria, Helsinki, Finland 09.04.2010)

Black Crucifixion - Master Spirit (live)
(Black Curse Over Helsinki II, Gloria, Helsinki, Finland 09.04.2010)

Sacrilegious Impalement - Untitled (Bonus Track) (live)
(live at Dante's Highlight, Helsinki, Finland 22.01.2010)

Azaghal - Peto 666 (live)
(live in Wäiski, Helsinki, Finland 01/2010)

Marduk - To Redirect Perdition (live)
(live In Khabarovsk/Хабаровск, Russia, 02.05.2010)

Grand Belial's Key - The Tenderhearted's Manifesto (live)
(live at Hammer Open Air, Lieto, Finland 12.06.2010)

Taake - A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit (Burzum cover) (live)
(live Black Conquerors Tour 2010 at Brno - Favál, Czech 28.03.2010)

Hell Militia - (live)
(Live in Prague, Matrix Club, Czech 11.04.2010)

Pseudogod - Necromancy Of The Iron Darkness (live)
(live In Perm, Russia 30.01.2010)

Koldbrann - (live)
(live at Inferno Kick-off, Stockholm, Sweden 12.02.2010)